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Peyton is a clone of the now deceased also Peyton created by the Oakland island super-organism, after Peyton came to life they founded the Oakland Deep Earth Mining Company as a cover up to dig the super-organism out of the ground.

of the Pit
BornInside the Oakland Island super-organism
OccupationPirate, Miner, Builder
Known forFounding the Oakland DEM Co.
OfficeMayor of Oakland
PredecessorPeyton (Unclonned)
Parent(s)Oakland Island Super-Organism
RelativesOakland Island Super-Organism
FamilyOakland Island Super-Organism


After the Founder of Oakland, also called Peyton, was kicked out of Oakland by Panda, the original Peyton fell into the flesh pit fleeing from a wild Oakland island Bear. After the original Peyton fell inside the pit absorbed their life and gave birth to a clone who went to the surface and reclaimed Oakland