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This page is a WIP and is open to community contribution.


Completed templates:

Incomplete templates:

Example pages

How to use a template:

Step 1


When creating or editing a page, find the puzzle piece representing the templates button.

Step 2


Clicking on the templates button opens the selection menu containing a search box. Search the name for any template you would like to add. All templates specifically made for Alathra begin with "Alathra"; so to view all the templates created for the wiki, simply type in Alathra for a list of every template created and select the one desired.

Step 3

Selecting a template opens the parameter input GUI. Template parameters are used to automatically fill out information on the page. For most Alathra templates, it mentions everything as "required", but they are all fully optional. Everything is marked as "required" because of a glitch with how templates work. You can either fill in the information now or during the next step. Click the blue "insert" button on the top right to add the template to your page. You will have more chances to add and edit the parameters later.

When clicking the insert button, you may receive a warning if some fields are not filled out. This is because all parameters are marked as required, as mentioned above. You can safely ignore this warning message and click "Insert Template".


Step 4

You should now notice the template has been inserted onto your page, and you can see it in your "Edit Source"; including any information filled before. You can change and add values to the parameters by adding text after the equal sign.

  • Parameters sometimes have initial values attached to them. The purpose of the initial values are to signify the relevancy, that they should always have a value and be considered strongly recommend including.
  • Leaving a parameter blank means it will be invisible and not show. I would recommend to keep unused parameters; not delete them, so they can be filled out later and added to the page.
  • Changing the order of the parameters, does not change the order in which they appear on the page.
  • Some parameters require special types of values, such as a page link. If you are having issues, check the templates dedicated wiki page (ex: Alathra Person Template) or check an already established player made page and looked at its source.
  • Templates have the wiki category built in.