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  • Tall and thin, typically light skinned- some being nearly light blue
  • Slightly slanted facial features to express a smooth, rolling language
  • Uncannily light on their feet, seemingly to the point where they may reduce their weight for a time at will. Due to a current generated by their islands, they are able to virtually fly while under their island.
  • Capable of varying degrees of largely low level wind manipulation. Some of the greatest Aeltern are able to knock a person fully off their feet.
  • Live exclusively on floating islands, clusters of which are called Archipelagos, which can include thousands of islands.
  • Have lifespans of 200-240 years, with very low reproduction rates.


A power struggle between fascist and anti-fascist has resulted in chaos among the Aeltern, and the creation, destruction, and recreation of various archipelagos, including the Free Coalition Archipelago, has caused many to become hermits (islands not part of a community, or a very small collection of islands).

The Aeltern, while not a remarkably old race, have existed for centuries. Living primarily of floating islands, and making rare trips to the ground, they have had little advancement in departments other than the arts and politics, creating a very particular society among certain longer lasting archipelagos. It is believed that the seemingly arcane wind-related capabilities of the Aeltern prove an ancestral connection to a more pure-blooded Elder race, likely one of the races of Elves (possibly the result of emigrating Forest Elf communities)

The leaders of the Aeltern are decided based on their wisdom, ability in wind manipulation, and their abilities in the fine arts. Most of the higher-ups are round the age of 160, leading fairly conservative lifestyles and societies.