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His Holiness,
Æthelrock II
ResidenceFort Moria
OccupationHigh King of Moria
Home townCristaldenn
TitleHigh King, Deliverer of Justice, Bringer of the True Faith
FamilyMusaschen Dynasty

Æthelrock II is the third High King of Moria. His father, Æthelrock I, was the chief advisor to the first High King Shyren, and after the king died childless, he was granted the throne. However the Moria Confederacy soon fell to internal divisions and economic stagnation. Æthelrock II was only 5 years old when he and his father fled the continent. Æthelrock I died poor in the city of Cristaldenn in southern Gaushan.

Æthelrock II was raised in Cristaldenn, but knowing his father's heritage, kept his true loyalty to Moria, which by then had become divided and under the influence of foreign powers. In his youth he worked as a skilled builder, constructing much of central Cristaldenn. When he was old enough to venture out on his own he returned to his ancestral home and established Fort Moria on the northern coast, proclaiming himself the third High King of Moria. However, he was welcomed into the Unified Nations of Occidentia, and put his claim to the side for the well being of the nation.