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The Empty Quiver War was a brief standoff in February 2022. Many Alathrans believed that this conflict would spark a new World War, but Fare-Sesso and its allies ultimately surrendered before any lives were lost.



Sometime around February 20th, 2022 (exact date not clear), the Kogongi city-state of Jotunstan willingly joined the Prospitan nation of Fare-Sesso. Fare-Sesso came under fire from Arcadia and other members of the Koganon Alliance. Fare-Sesso was accused of violating the Koganon Compact by creating a colony on Koganon. Jotunstan separated from Fare-Sesso in order to keep the peace.

Declaration of War

At 8:14 AM on February 20th, 2022, the Arcadian Senate issued a declaration of war on Fare-Sesso. Lydoneia, Ashina, Tiirta Äävot Jat, and the FCA quickly pledged to support Arcadia in the war. Nereida, Stahlfaust, and Siera pledged to defend Fare-Sesso. In Arcadia's declaration of war, they accused Fare-Sesso of "a number of distinct offenses... including threats, taunts, violations of the Koganon Compact (PLURAL), and general suspicious behavior and statements towards nations on Prospit including Arcadia..." Fare-Sesso's allies accused the Koganon alliance of tyranny and threatening small nations into submission. About six hours after the initial declaration, Stahlfaust surrenderred, seeing that they faced no chance in the face of the allied superpowers. Fare-Sesso and its allies quickly surrendered soon after.


Arcadia and its allies demanded reparations from Fare-Sesso and its allies. Arcadia took control of southern Stahlfaust, taking around 1/3 of their territory. Jotunstan was taken by Lydoneia. Nabilzahir was ceded to Tiirta Äävot Jat as part of the terms of surrender.