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"Those who are kind should be treated with kindess. Those who are not should never forget death."

Hadeon Frankenstein
BornAnother planet
OccupationLord of Starcroft (currently), Executioner (formerly)
Known forFounding House Frankenstein, founding the city of Starcroft, being the first and current Lord of Starcroft.
Height190 cm (6 ft 3 in)
TitleLord of Starcroft

Lord Hadeon Frankenstein of Starcroft is the current Lord of Starcroft and the current Head of House Frankenstein.


Hadeon Frankenstein was born on a planet inhabited by beings so similar to the tradtional vampire that they could be called vampires. He is a member of this race of vampires, who are able to walk in the day, and do not only drink blood from humans.

He worked as an executioner for many years until he grew tired of the planet. The place that once felt like home.

And so, Hadeon went to find a new home.

Arrival In Prospit

Hadeon, his daughter Alexandra, and his Clyde made their way through space in a metal spaceship until they arrived upon a continent of another planet known as Prospit.

Hadeon and his children searched through Prospit for a new place to call home.

Finally, they found that place.

The Founding of Starcroft and House Frankenstein

Hadeon, while travelling across Prospit with his children, happened to find the ruins of a city once known as Ragusa.

And it was in front of the ruined city's fountain that Hadeon founded his city, Starcroft.

As well as the dynasty which rules it. His family, House Frankenstein.


Hadeon is 190 centimetres tall, has dark green eyes, and has skin as white as snow.