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What is it

in universum is essentially the basis upon which our knowledge of the universe is based on. It is the first book to scientifically analyse the Known things in alathras universe and uses evidence to its advantage. at 37 pages long, it is by far the longest book being exhibited in the Hightide exhibition. It was made by a relatively unknown and irrelevant scientist living in Nabilzahir called FriendedCape. He was originally into the production of sugarcane on a large scale in Nabilzahir and mineopolis until Lemi Showed them the path of science. It was co-edited by Lemi. There is only one copy of it, making it extremely rare, as it contains an entire planetaries research. you can find it on the second floor of the HighTide museum, but there are plans to transport it onto at least each of the major capitals of the world that are willing to accept it. The book is under the 2021 Alathran Scientists copyright.

Whats in it?

In universum contains chapters on energy, gravity, the moon and Debunking lies, as well as alternate realities.

Tidin (the moon)

It is thought that the meteor landing in the spawn island is the latest chunk of the moon crashing into spawn. When the damage is done, and the dust has quite literally settled, we will be there to analyse the land so that we may find out what is in tidinium.