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- Yusan (yoosanghoon)
- Yincherri - KnifingHippo - jussjh



Long before the days of Kaer Nevura, the town surrounding the fortress was inhabited by monks. Founded by Nugiberg on June 18th of 2021 (assumed date), this town rests on an island off the coast of the southern continent Koganon. Though its initial purpose was to allow the monks to practice their religion in peace, soon travelers would settle nearby the monastery due to its fertile land, sea access, and supply of timber. Unfortunately, this peaceful life would fail to last. As the island became increasingly developed it became the interest of many nations throughout the world of Alathra. Headed by chickenprism, the nation of Pultria laid claim to the island, claiming Kogongi soil as their own. On July 1st, 2021, the looming shadow of war between the nations descended on the island, ultimately leading to the abandonment of the once sacred town that stood upon it.


On July 14th, 2021, the island village once known as Petroselenium was brought back to life by a man named Yusan. A former monk living within the village, Yusan refused to leave with the others. Having seen the harsh truth of war, Yusan abandoned his pacifist roots, constructing a fortress to serve as the first line of defense for his homeland from further conflict that may be brought upon it. With the war long since ended, in his pursuit of power, the same which he believed he could attain from the monks, Yusan joined up with the man who once laid seige to his home in the budding nation of Elyria.

The Assassination of Hargreeves

Unfortunately, conflict returned to the island sooner than was hoped. In the midst of many wars across the world, Hargreeves of Ashina had committed attempts on the lives of many members of Elyria. With items stolen and lives lost, Eiric (_SHS_), King of Elyria, requested Yusan to perform a devious task on July 22nd, 2021: lure Hargreeves to the fortress, and end her life. The fight that ensued was grueling, yet with assistance from Attune, Shermansworld, as well as the king himself, Yusan and Kaer Nevura claimed their first victory over enemies of the Nation. With blood shed on the castle floors, Yusan had truly left the pacifistic ways of his past behind, remaining in control of the once powerful Hargreeves' armor, with the sacred wooden axe being claimed by Eiric himself.