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Before Coming to Alathra.

LordArtimusIII was born Artimus Von Gelreh to an affluent noble family. However he was pushed out of his rightful land by a peasant mob intending to throw off all of the nobility. He refused to leave the title his father and mother died for having and so now goes by Lord Artimus the third of Gelreh, or LordArtimusIII for short. His father and mother were both human of noble birth from a land far to the north, a land he hopes to one day return too and conquer. He was born sickly and has remained sickly and physically weak for most of his life. Though this physical weakness forced him to work even harder to push to where he is now, forced him to push past his near constantly sickly body to become a good leader. He is a near master of strategy both on the battlefield and on the field of politics.

His time in Alathra

First days of power

LordArtimusIII came to the land of Alathra on the 8th of July 2021. landing on the continent of Arith, the northern most continent, he began heading southward towards the coast of the continent where he made it known he was intent to establish a town. Before even establishing his town LordArtimusIII was killed by the player Chickenprism, after he had expressed an interest in joining the Free Cities of Alathra. It was after this death that he went on to establish the Principality of Lathoringia South of the city of RedWood. He then joined the FCA as one of the senatorial members.

Time in the FCA

LordArtimusIII was very vocal within the FCA. He would speak often at meetings arguing and debating with the other senators often during meetings. He joined during an impending war between Ashina and the FCA, and began growing large quantities of food in preparation. While the war would be side stepped by Grandpa_boob recreating the nation of Acquendavia and leaving Ashina LordArtimusIII would maintain the reputation of being the "lord of agriculture" in the eyes of the rest of the FCA, a title which he would increasingly grate under until he would leave the FCA.

Leaving the FCA and Forming the KOA

A little under a month after joining the FCA LordArtimusIII was approached by the player Watchoftartarus. They talked originally of revolution or of a coup but as time wore on they decided that they, along with their respective towns, Lathoringia and Romanus silva, would leave the nation to form their own nation. This was accelerated by Spiceymonkey1349 joining their cause with the newly created town of Geldostadt following him. Soon after the revealing of the plot to leave the FCA, the FCA as a body ceased to be and the two new nations of the Kingdoms of Arith and the Federation of Arith would come into being, with LordArtimusIII belonging to the KOA and being one of it's leading members.

Works of Literature

LordArtimusIII has written three books as of the last count. The first was the "Song of Stars." A nine page lyric poem meant to convey the need for ambition. The second was "The Book of Ather 1." A seven page introduction to LordArtimusIII's god Ather. The last was "The Seaman's Lament." A poetic retelling of a sea captains thoughts whenever forced to go back to sea and leave his love, only to die on the voyage.