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Lothridge is mainly a collection of castles and large buildings built along the face of a mountain
Founded byGrandpa_boob
 • Co-kings
  • Grandpa_boob
  • ripesack (Towny leader)

Lothridge was the first town founded in Alathra. It is the capital of Acquendavia.

The town was founded by Grandpa_Boob on November 9th, 2020 in the south-east edge of the world along the face of a mountain.

On November 19th Lothridge joined the nation of Acquendavia and remained in that nation until Grandpa_boob forgot to pay the upkeep and the nation was disbanded. Lothridge was an independent town for a period of time until the Ashina-Lothridge War, when it was conquered by the Ashina Empire. After Grandpa_boob's massacre at the end of that war, he was forced to step down as King. On July 12, 2021, Lothridge declared independence from Ashina, refounding the old nation of Acquendavia.

Lothridge is home to such sites as the Twin Towers of Philosophy and the Dragon Egg.