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Mud Town
Aerial view of Mud Town
Aerial view of Mud Town
Aerial view of Mud Town
Official languages Swamper Creole
Demonym Swamper
Population 4

Mud Town is a farming village and alcohol brewing hotspot located in Arith. It is centered in dense swampland where the unique vegetation aids in brewing varieties of alcohol. The town itself is neutrally inclined and welcomes all travelers despite their political backgrounds to avail of the town's services

The town was founded on the 14th of July 2021 by the player Nugiberg. Since then it has acquired two supporting members, Giantyogurt and Vexedowl, who support brewing and town building.


Mud Town is a free market economy with all of its businesses being owned by individual citizens. The main export of the town is agricultural products such as sugarcane, cocoa and wheat. The vast amount of farmed sugarcane also makes Mud Town an exporter of paper and its respective products. Brewing is also an integral part of Mud Town's economy, with all brewed and distilled products being supplied to the The Hanging Cock, the towns pub.


Mud Town is the birth place of Muay Bung, possibly the first organized sport on Alathra. Muay Bung is a sport in which competitors fight unarmed, in a ring over multiple rounds.

Town Centre, Brewing House on the left, The Hanging Cock pub in the centre