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The Big Snapple

New Ashina City glows in the night sky


New Ashina City is located on the North East continent in Alathra, it is known as the biggest and best business sector in Alathra and is home to many essential workers, skyscrapers and player shops.

Significant People from New Ashina City

  • King Shepsicle - The Chicken Whisperer, the Wolf of Mall Street, the Host and colour commentator for Alathra's fight night, the "yes we can" man with a buisness plan. Canonically the tallest member of all of Ashina and the CEO of Shepeyes Chicken.
  • King Shalom1211 of San Juacoco - The Big Bucks Duck, The Fowl of Farma, the PB to Shepsicle's Jam. Master of Architecture and Agriculture, and head of the NAPD. Contrary to belief, this duck cannot actually speak French.
  • Jennyeet -New Ashina's best interior designer, vibe checker and head of the Parks and Greenery department. The person who ensure all of New Ashina's projects are environmentally friendly.
  • MineOxBlood - the Rat King, head of New Ashina's Water and Waste Department. MineOxBlood is always willing to do the dirty work, even when it is not necessary to do so. Noone but him truly knows what lurks down in those sewer drains...
  • Lixionit - former mayor of New Ashina City. Remodeled the mall and and helped rebuild the city.


New Ashina City was founded by Ashina Senator Shepsicle while he was looking upon the business empire he had created with Shepeyes and wondering how he could expand and further grow, when he had a vision: a place where all of Alathra could trade and grow the economy to where it never had been before. After a meeting with Emperor of Ashina Knight of Notch, Shepsicle left High Ashina to start fresh the only way he knew how: by building an over the top eccentric project and to hire employees to do the work for him. These two things snowballed and turned into the first two buildings in New Ashina City: Ashina Tower and New Ashina Mall. Unlike his other project in the Emerald Islands though: this time Shepsicle had help: Shalom1211 , a great friend and ally of Shepsicle's also decided to leave High Ashina to join Shepsicle's newest endeavors. Together they started great projects and made a name for themselves with their builds. As the days passed New Ashina was gaining members at a very fast rate, many of whom were from High Ashina such as Jennyeet and MineOxBlood, while others came from all over Alathra.


After Ashina had won the Great Ashridge War, many new faces started showing up around Alathra, including the town of Slavongrad: a city who stole Ashinas sacred land and disgraced it with their name. After some talks, then Leader OnlySolid and King Shepsicle worked out a treaty. That is until OnlySolid and his goons broke the treaty and bombed Shepeyes multiple times and brought terror to Alathra. During these developments, Shepsicle banished revealed bandit SoyaToya, and accepted refugee IQ33 from SlavonGrad. After OnlySolid was confronted by the entire nation of Ashina for his terrible crimes against the realm, OnlySolid and the SlavonGrad terrorists were Banished by Emperor KnightOfNotch, King Shepsicle, King ImmaNotScope, King Shalom1211 Lords Ripesack and GrandpaBoob of Lothridge out of Alathra, never to be seen again.

Many weeks after the SlavonGrad incident, New Ashina City was badly griefed. Buildings were lava casted, bombed and anti semitic builds were placed in town square. All hope seemed lost, until the great heroes of Alathra rebuilt New Ashina City together in a day. A park with a memorial is being worked on to honor the heroes who saved the great city.

Weeks after that, New Ashina City also joined the Nation of Ashina in war against the Kingdom of God, who had attacked an ally and seemingly placed hits on King Shepsicle from the Pact of the Immortal Blood.

New Developments

New Ashina City is currently growing by the days and is one of the largest Cities in Alathra. It currently is headed into new times as it appears the Red King Shepsicle has resurfaced, while the Blue King Shepsicle is missing in action.

New Ashina City is currently in ruin with Ashina looking for a new mayor to revive the city.