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Military Town
Great Gate of Peachfield and top of Porterfield Castle
Great Gate of Peachfield and top of Porterfield Castle
Flag of Peachfield
Nickname(s): Peach
Anthem: Cape Breton Island
Peachfield Geographical
Peachfield Geographical
Coordinates: -724 3068
FoundedJune 30th 2021
 • KɵɾiʎutiCeleste Illure (iCeleste)
Population 12

Peachfield is a town situated on the continent Gaushan, south of Peach Lake and northwest of Kaer Nevura. It is a town of the nation Shepody, though was once the capital of Elyria and was once part of the Arcadian Altanate.



The people of Peachfield come from many backgrounds, but the originators of the settlement have a common origin as serfs under a cruel landlord, after years of abuses the Farmers decided to attack the landlord and set themselves free, settling in the peninsula that now hosts Peachfield. Here they would jointly look to create a place to better their situation and grow socially, economically, and internally.

Early Developments

Soon after they would soon attract the attention of unwanted guests that came to stop their work on the settlement, creating an air of insecurity and distrust of outsiders, this would however proof beneficial for Peachfield as their combat prowess would award them equipment taken from the invaders, some of it ransomed out to grow Peachfield's economy, during this time the main infrastructure of the settlement was made.


Peachfield has a variety of landmarks and sites of interest, growing in number by the day

The Great Gate and wall of Peachfield

The Great Gate of Peachfield is a giant statue of a farmer with a pitchfork carved into the rock and embedded into the wall of the town, it stands imposing and watchful over anyone that enters.

A front view of the Great Gate

Porterfield Castle

Porterfield castle, named so after the courageous legendary traveler know as Ganmo Porterfield he showed the Peaches how to most efficiently farm their crops. This is where the farmers of Peachfield live, eat, sleep and often times work when not at the fields, built swiftly due to the constant attacks, it took only 3 days to build. Many moons ago, the Elyrians knew this Castle as Bush Castle, named after the berry bushes planted in the early stages of building the structure for both safety and food.

The Front View of Porterfield Castle