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Pixel of Atolia
Pixel in Atolia Tower
BornMorgana Bay
Other namesDura (Gold in Kogongi)
OccupationMayor of Atolia, General Store Owner
Known forExpanding/Constructing Atolia Island, Diplomacy, Aquatic Builds


Pixel of Atolia is a fish that originally comes from the bottom of Morgana Bay. He cannot recall the event that brought him into the level of consciousness of the other sentient races of Alathra; one day he awoke at the bottom of the large bay of Kais Kogong, with a magical artifact of sorts. He found himself trapped in some sort of bowl with water inside, allowing him to leave the watery depths of the only home had ever known so far. Immediately upon surfacing the sight of Kais Kogong was the first thing he saw. Unsure of how people would react to the state he found himself in, the peaceful being snuck around the large city, admiring the architecture and learning what he could of their culture and beliefs before disappearing to the east into the darkness of the now Atolian strait.

Pixel continued to sneak in and out of the large settlement, slowly learning their language and communicating with the fishermen who commonly visited the coast. He took to calling himself 'Dura' in the Kogongi tongue; roughly translating to 'Gold' due to the specific species of fish that he was.

He was not seen again for many days, until by chance a member of a nearby town discovered what was once a tiny, barren island now a glowing beacon in the night. Lights reflected and danced on the gently moving surface of the ocean surrounding the island, and they found themselves venturing over to make first contact with Pixel' or Dura as he calls himself in the Kogongi tongue. Upon their arrival a quaint town had already been constructed on the now modestly sized island; the peaceful Pixel greeting them with open arms. The three visitors were IAmTheSenate13, Game_Glider_SKG, and Pmak. They were the first contact Pixel had with other Alathran's, and likely influenced how he views the world and treats others to this day.

Pixel has spent most of his life in Alathra so far forming Atolia Island; a town that he is the Mayor of to this day. It is a small, peaceful island welcoming anyone a little out of the ordinary to live a life free of judgement; as of the time of writing there is only one human that currently resides on Atolia. It has come to be an island of kindness and acceptance despite peoples differences; something that he is quite proud of.

Early Life

Pixel does not recall anything before his awakening at the bottom of Morgana Bay; that could have been the moment he came to be, or merely the moment he achieved a higher state of consciousness. It is not something he tends to dwell on, instead looking to the future, and at the present. The early life that he can remember consisted of living the simple life of a hermit; devoting his time to farming, fishing (ironic), and building to get a start on a town. He had a vision of a small town, with intricate underground builds and tall buildings that made the most out of their lack of space. The vision is something he continues to work on to this day, constantly having many projects on his hands at once.

After forming Atolia Island he has lived a life of relative peace; although Atolia found itself in the Great War. He answered the call and fought valiantly, but he suffered many setbacks and personally withdrew from the war, before their nations actively engaged in peacetalks. After seeing the destruction, carnage, and loss of life that the Great War had brought upon Alathra he vowed to not get involved in wars unless there was absolutely no diplomatic way around it. Pixel has since then devoted himself to a life of peaceful building and farming; a return to his earlier years.

Personal Beliefs

Pixel is a firm believer in democracy; Atolia's government system is a council of every member of the town with equal power to vote and have their voices heard. Arcadia recently installed a Senate to vote over important issues and give each town a voice in the process, which Pixel is a big fan of. Overall, to describe Pixel simply it would be a peaceful Hermit. Most of the time he is working on something on the island, commonly not seen for days at a time by other town residents and visitors alike. He is friendly and kind, doing his best to help when he is able to. He follows a religion similar to the Holy Mufijo faith of the Arcadian Altanate; although there is more reverence of the moon in Atolia's religion.

He commonly helps new players and towns at his general store, offering heavily discounted products and in some cases simply giving supplies to help them get established and set up more quickly. He is a member of ARM, the goal of having materials and supplies for new towns readily available and at easily accessible prices a big factor in his joining of the movement.

Despite his involvement in the Great War, he is an avowed Pacifist. He does not attack unless it is self defense, or in the defense of a town or nation member. He is a strong believe in diplomacy, and solving things through agreements and discussions. As the Mayor of Atolia he has never declared war or delivered an ultimatum to any settlements; and the majority of his diplomatic meetings were friendly and ended with an agreement reached that both sides were happy with.