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Ragusa is a small city-state on Prospit. It was founded by Arveld on August 21th 2021 on a river the inhabitants named Rolda. The day the city was founded became year 0 in the eyes of the people of Ragusa.

As the city grew and gained walls, a man called Carquin pronounced himself king of Ragusa. The people lived under his tyrannical rule and suffered as the town was falling into ruin. But no one wanted to face the tyrannt, the towns people were dreaming that one day a hero will come to free them from their opression. That day came when a man Inias gathered support in the towns senate and organised a coup d'etat, where he banished the tyrannt. Inias pronunced that Ragusa will never have a king again and every citizen swore an outh of allegience to this. From that point on Ragusa has stayed a republic.


The basis of Ragusan political system is the Senate. Every citizen of Ragusa can participate in it if he owns a house inside the city. The senate picks citizens to fill all the political positions the Republic needs. The Consul is the highest position a Ragusan can get, as the position is almost as an elected king, altough a Consul must act inside the guidelines of the Senate and has a an indefinite term limit. The Senate can call a vote of no confidence to remove the Consul from the power at any time. During a war the Consul can act as a Dictator and has king-like powers (he doesn't have to listen to the Senate). A Consul can elect his second in command, the Promagistrate, who acts as a Consul when he is not present. The Praetor is an elected high judge for the republic.