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Path of a Caelestial: Depicting Rynnth drawn by Alvin J Flang

Rynnth is an Aspiring Caelestial who resides in the south eastern corner of Alathra currently a member of Lydoneia. For up to date physical description see Archive:Llull Ancane (Vessel).

Caelestian Doctrine

Rynnth follows the Caelestian Doctrine, a form of religion that instead of worshipping gods is based around the pursuit of becoming a Caelestial. The Caelestian Doctrine was introduced to him by his father at a young age. Rynnth assisted his father in achieving ascension and now pursue the path himself. The path is more important to Rynnth than anything else and this drive ultimately controls every decision Rynnth makes. Rynnth believes that all important decisions he makes should be under the guidance of the stars, and often utilizes roofless buildings for discussions.


Caelestis Isles

The Caelestis Isles are Rynnth's first known residence. Allegedly Rynnth established the Isle's as his main residence following his father's departure. The Caelestis Isles is how Rynnth first came in contact with the Lydoneians and because of mutual beneficial agreements the Caelestis Isles joined Lydoneia. The centerpiece of the Isles is the unofficially named Caelestis Tower, which Rynnth began construction on shortly after his public appearance on Alathra. The Caelestis Tower provided two uses. The first as a pseudo-observatory, due to its sheer height. The second as a workshop for Rynnth's engineering projects. Shortly before the completion of the Caelestis Tower, Rynnth began to notice a vulnerability with the design of the tower. He keeps this vulnerability hidden, as to hinder exploitation. Rynnth quickly left the Caelestis Isles, now named Novus Caelestis, in favor of WOK.

Caelestis Prime (Formerly WOK)

WOK or Workshop Outside Koganon was an island built around the site of a failed human experiment conducted by Rynnth. This man made island was erected south of the Caelestis Isles, by manipulating tectonic plates beneath the ocean and hiring outside helpers. WOK in comparison to the Isles has a much friendlier climate, tropical in comparison to the constant cold and snow that the Isles experience. As such, Rynnth has been able to cultivate ecosystems and nature on his island. Due to Rynnth's relationship with Lydoneia at the inception of WOK, the island also joined the claims of the nation.

The island itself is made up mainly of 3 mountains, 2 large plateaus, and an open beach. It is claimed that the mountains themselves have all been hallowed out to conceal the experiments and construction projects Rynnth undergoes. Beyond the WOK's beach, several ships sit anchored, likely do to the trade networks Rynnth had cultivated over the years.

Some claim the WOK is an elaborate scheme for a cooking show featuring artifacts. These claims have neither been proven nor disproven.

Visitors on Wok

Visiting the Wok is a very rare occasion currently. A declaration stands that currently all unwelcomed visitors will be met with deadly force, by Rynnth or other authorized personnel. However, in the past the Wok had constant visitors, some being invited to the fabled 'Cookouts'.

Ruby Crashing on the Wok

During Rynnth's hiatus from Haven following The Haven Standoff, he was met by an unexpected guest. Ruby, sister of Remora, crashed on Wok after her departure from a merchant vessel. Over the next few days, Ruby and Rynnth grew close to each other (archived in Ruby and Rynnth on Wok) and learned a bit about each other. Unfortunately, Ruby then needed to continue on with her journey towards Haven to be reunited with her sister. Rynnth and Ruby parted ways, looking to the future and a possible rekindling in Haven.

The Henrys

Rynnth for reasons unknown became a close friend of the Volarium family, mostly comprised of sentient enderman and voidlings. This relationship grew through the history Rynnth had with both Keyral and KreVor. Recently, members of the Volarium family, specifically the Henry lineage, had begun visiting Wok. Unfortunately, to many individuals on Alathra the Volarium enderman are unwelcomed. They can always find a home on Wok though. The visits began with the original Henry, who was then later missing. It is assumed that he returned back to his homeland and just lacked the opportunity to say goodbye. Luckily though Henry Jr. showed up shortly thereafter, but only for a short time where he met his end due to unforeseen circumstances. In his place Henry Jr. Jr. came to Wok along with his two friends. They currently reside there, guests of Rynnth.

Henry Jr. Jr.'s Other Friend with Henry Jr. Jr.'s Friend in the background
A picture taken of Henry
A picture taken of Henry Jr. Jr.


Rynnth's Father

Not much is known about Rynnth's father. Most of the information that has been openly discussed is compiled in The Last Caelestial. Rynnth openly is attempting to follow in his father's footsteps.

Rynnth Steps onto the World Stage

As an aspiring Caelestial, Rynnth originally had no intention of participating in the global interactions of Alathra. However, as his resources dwindled and technology grew more and more limited, Rynnth understood the benefit of having access to the global markets. In turn he was reached out to by AlphaSpade, then ruler of IceSteel II and Spadecrown. Along with Petersburg led by Peteev and Jotunstan ran by Kangy, Rynnth joined the nation. In response to AlphaSpade's early attempts at diplomacy, the 3 new members decided to turn their backs on AlphaSpade. Kangy took it upon himself to then kill AlphaSpade and end the reign of IceSteel II.

Following the fall of IceSteel II, Rynnth spoke with the United States of Alathra. Unfortunately, due to the inability to meet certain terms the relationship between Rynnth and the U.S.A. ended in its infancy. Following this Rynnth turned to his neighbors on Koganon, The Southern Union. Rynnth and The Southern Union came to an agreement and shortly there after overthrew the then ruler of Fort Roberts HatCrab. The Southern Union was rebranded as Lydoneia and Rynnth was given a position in the H.O.R. (House of Representatives). Along with Sayyid, Bergljot, Aurelius, and Aethelmod, Rynnth began the long and torturous journey of bringing Lydoneia to the state it is now.

Leaving the Caelestis Isles

During Rynnth's early days as a member of Lydoneia, trade and industry thrived in the Caelestis Isles. The mere icebergs had turned into a hub for large scale purchases and production. Rynnth had participated in wars, avoided others, and help fund many. But as time grew on Rynnth noticed the shortcomings of the icebergs he had chained himself to. As such Rynnth left the Caelestis Isles, which would later be acquired and repurposed by (comradecoz).

Rynnth had begun building an island, moving plates from below the ocean to fit his vision. This island quickly had gained the term WOK, which is believed to stand for Workshop Outside Koganon. In hindsight this decision was greatly beneficial to the aspiring Caelestial, as only Wok had the ability to provide resources on the scale required for the Estean-Elyrian conflict. This large scale production was quickly coined as a 'cook out' for reasons unknown.

Rynnth and Llull Ancane (Vessel)

During the events of The Haven Storm, Rynnth had departed to Ashina, spending time with Emperor Iman. Rynnth's advancement had come to standstill and the longest standing nation would hopefully provide answers to his problems. Artifacts, Rynnth had learned, had untapped potential rarely explained by conventional sciences. While this would certainly provide useful, Rynnth noticed the large storm visible from thousands of miles away looming over Haven, and quickly made his way back to Lydoneia's capital.

Rendition by Izzy on the events of the Haven Standoff

Upon reaching Lydoneia's capital Rynnth quickly took note of the man who had taken his place in his absence. Llull Ancane, a vessel created by another aspiring Caelestial. This vessel housed a generator within its engineered body, a generator that had seemingly limitless potential. Rynnth captured Llull Ancane and proceeded to begin the process of transferring his own consciousness into the vessel. This would be known as The Haven Standoff.

After a stand off with Aurelius, Remora, Specz, Sayyid, Baaki, Sharpol, and Angela, Rynnth had managed to transfer his consciousness into the body of Llull. Due to the sentimentality that was created between Llull and the other members of Lydoneia, their relationship with Rynnth soured, and Rynnth kept his distance from Haven for the foreseeable future.

Rynnth and Terrorism

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