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The Sol system is the name given to a planetary system model created by FCA-funded scholars and astronomers. The model depicts Sol as the center of a gravitationally bound planetary system, with other celestial bodies, like Alathra, orbiting it. Of the objects that are believed to orbit Sol, the largest are the four known planets; Occidere, Alathra, Orbis III, and Chelonia, with the remainder being smaller celestial objects.

The existence of the other planets has been known by Alathrians for as long as recorded history, however, little was known about what they actually were, and their existence is still contested by some. It was not until the Hightide Observatory was fully constructed before Alathrians could finally see the night sky in great detail, thus triggering a scientific revolution within the fields of Alathrian astronomy and astrology.


Below are the four known large planets.


A barren red planet ties with mysterious energies. Mentions of an entity by the same name have been seen in ancient texts all throughout history. Rumor has it that it is still present today, and disruptions around Egregan and throughout have been tied to them.





Orbis III


Dwarf Planets

Below are the smaller heavenly bodies, typically much much smaller then the four large planets.