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Territory claimed by Télma-Biza (first week)
Témalese Banner. The white circle is an egg, for the eggs that craig gave them. The Red and green are colors of Elyria, which Télma-biza admires.

The Témalese are a recently documented people. They first appeared on an island now claimed by Lethos, formerly Ashina, which they named Heoerosaem (Hero-Sie-am), just north of Akkabrim. The Lethonians kicked them out after threatening war. After being exiled, the Témalese Fled to a swampy coastal region which they named Télma-Biza, roughly translating to "Settle for it" or "Swamp" in Nostoros, their language. The Témalese worship a Chicken God named CRAIG, whose name can only be spelt in full capitals. CRAIG saved the Témalese from famine by providing them a chicken farm. They built a large statue in CRAIG's Honor.

Télma-Biza was renamed to New Heoerosaem.

After a deal with Petersburg (Now Aerdale) over Heoerosaem to take it back from Lethos fell through, Témal turned to Lethos for help.

Lethos declined an offer to split the land, but kicked Petersburg/Aerdale off the island and gained the respect of the Témalese.

Aerdale requested 5 times that Témal join them, but Témal declined and doubled it's claims on the northern coast of the Laugeaun peninsula.

Claims as of Sept. 2

Aerdale requested that they be allowed to build a canal inside of Témalese territory. In response, Témal declined and accused this of being a plot to take land and ease their way in to our territory. Aerdale respected this decision, and made the canal elsewhere. Tensions remain active.