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Tamarint of Najma
Tamarint standing in front of the Najma Tower
Born Najma
Status Alive
Ethnicity Najamati
Nationality Eshellite
Occupation Governor of Khanjar, Mayor of Najma
Height/Age 7'6, 22


Early Life

Tamarint is a member of the Najamat people, an ethnoreligious group originated from the south of New Anglia. Tamarint was born and raised in the settlement of Najma. They grew up while the settlement was still young and the Najamat lived in make shift dwellings on the banks of the Asg and Akb rivers. However, now many changes are occurring during Tamarint's lifetime. As time went on and Tamarint matured, the elders of Najma passed on the leadership of the settlement to them. After turning 21, Tamarint turned from a simple sugarcane farmer in the village to a leader dedicated to advancing Najma.

Tamarint is also exceedingly tall, and like some of the Najamat families, is rumored to have non-human lineage.

Construction of the city of Najma

Tamarint takes the leadership of Najma seriously and has now begun a massive overhaul of Najma from a village into an urban center. They will be constructing four districts dedicated to each one of the Beyda pantheon's gods. The population of Najma is still tiny in comparison to many settlements in the world, but Tamarint hopes to create an attractive city that beckons to everyone, including the Najamat.

Formation of the Eshellic Confederation

The Najamat people were largely disconnected and unaware of the politics of the continent they called home before Tamarint's involvement with Eshelle. It was so unknown and isolated to its peers, it had not even joined the Fossores Republic before its collapse. After word of the collapse of Fossores Republic reached Tamarint, they understood the importance of becoming more connected to the outside world. Tamarint is now the governor of the Khanjar province in Eshelle with Najma as its seat.

Political Beliefs

Tamarint, like many of the Najamat, are very open and understanding when it comes to ideology and politics. The closest ideology that could be ascribed to Tamarint and most of Najma would be collectivist. Tamarint does not mind sharing their ideas or resources with others and prefers when everyone in a situation stands to benefit. They are not aggressive or expansionist and seek common ground with potential friends. This collectivist attitude stems from the nomadic and ascetic origins of the Najamat people but also the harsh nature of the desert they call home. In practice as a governor of a province and as a mayor, Tamarint welcomes anyone to take part in the community they are building.


Tamarint is a follower of their people's religion, which is loosely called the Beyda pantheon. The Beyda is made up of four gods, Tamarint principally follows Najm, the god of the cosmos, as he is the one that led the Najamat to the city of Najma. Tamarint seeks to honor the namesake of his city.