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Teru Yori

Early Life

Teru Yori was born in a town of nobodies to a family of nobodies. Born 8 years prior to the Peachfield Revolution, Yori spent his days admiring the hunters of his village and learning swordsmanship from his older brother, Shi Yori. During the Peachfield Revolution, Teru watched as his brother and many other hunters and strong adults left to support the war efforts. Only weeks later, Yori would watch as both his father and brother's corpses, among others, were wheeled back into the city. Teru would from then on despise those who were too weak to fight, looking at the men in his family who were too weak to survive a week of battle.

Fall of Teru Yori

7 years after the Peachfield Revolution, a small team of pillagers would descend upon the small town of traders. Under the surprise attack, the inexperienced warriors of Teru's village would swiftly be bested in combat and slaughtered by the pillagers. Watching his village burn to the ground, 15 year old Teru lied motionless on the blood soaked grass.

The Wraith


As Teru watched everything he ever knew burn or bleed, his entire sense of identity shattered. An empty vessel, Teru adopted a new persona: The Wraith. Knewly reborn, the Wraith would study combat and work as a mercenary, looking for a new home and a way to prove his own strength.

Kaer Nevura

10 years after the Peachfield Revolution, the Wraith would meet Yusan of Kaer Nevura, who would allow the 18 year old Mercenary to live in his town and join Elyria, provided Yori can grant the town some extra military strength.

Knifing Hippo

Knifing Hippo Joined the server of Alathra on August 22nd, where he would promptly join Elyria.