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of Taffasan
BornUnknown, at least 10 years of age
Outside Alathra
CitizenshipPeachfield, Taffasan
Known forWorking at the inn and tavern "The Drunken Tree", Being a martial arts master

The early life of Thaeorn is little known, possibly even by himself, He claims to have once been a young merchant coming from outside Alathra, finding himself ashore the land that would eventually be called Peachfield.

Before Farmer Revolution

There Thaeorn would be tricked by the old lords of Peachfield, trapped and made into a serf, first as a farmer, where he'd dedicate to his task, but seeing the abuse the Lords of Peachfield inflicted upon the farmers, he began teaching himself self defense in unarmed combat.

One day a Sargeant saw him slacking at work and training, laughing at Thaeorn he took him aside to a shed for one on one bare handed combat, which Thaeorn won, to his luck, the embarassment of defeat saved him from further punishment.

Emboldened by this victory Thaeorn began finding any excuse and time to teach others in his situation to defend themselves, until he was caught and sent to the Peachfield crypts.

What happened to him there, is unknown, for he would refuse to say, but given that most of those that entered the crypts were never seen again, many in Peachfield would have known it was surely a terrible fate.

The Farmer Revolution

Uncountable years after him being locked into the crypts, the farmers and serfs revolted against the lords of Peachfield who had destroyed all the peach trees and had mistreated them for so long, at the beginning many were sent to the crypts, talking of a chance to stop the suffering brought by the lords.

And so Thaeorn took to work with the people newly sent to the crypts, training them and organizing with those outside, finding ways to get messages to the above ground, until the day came, the day of the glorious farmer revolution.

The day of victory was a quick one, an assault from the outside and an attack from within, from the crypts, Thaeorn formed part of the group that made their way to the gates to aid their capture and that way allow the farmers in.

And so they did, Thaeorn honoured among his equals, remembered by some of the elderly, was raised to be part of the Farmers Council, the original governing body of Peachfield and later, Elyria.

After Farmer Revolution

Once in the Farmer's council, Thaeorn would take a heavily isolationist position, thinking that the outside world was not to be trusted after their first interactions with the outside powers, he'd promote the principle of prohibiting the usage of armor within Peachfield walls, of keeping contact with outside powers restricted and against the expansion outside of the former lords' lands.

Leaving Peachfield

This would quickly turn to a conflict within the Farmer's Council, Thaeorn taking a position opposite to a majority in the council, once the Knights of Sol, a foreign order was invited to settle within Elyria, Thaeorn noticed the direction Elyria was going, conflicted he decided to leave, though swearing to defend Peachfield as long as the statue of the farmer stood.

Founding Taffasan

Conflicted about the development of events at Elyria, he questioned who he was, and sought isolation atop a lonely hill, where he would meditate, there he would come to a realization that would start his travels across the world, seeking knowledge and understanding, the many lessons he'd learn would form his new worldview and purpose, eventually returning to that hill, where he founded Taffasan,