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In-game screenshot of the chat during The Great Slumber taken by _Kangy

On Sunday, July 18, 2021, At 9:07pm DST, the chat blew up with "SLEEPY TIME!" and "SLEEP GANG WHERE YOU AT?". The Great Slumber was an amazing event. 25 people slept. Among these people were Syzmo5713, Wolf_E, Zilla_420, Yincherri, Thaeorn, yoosanghoon, PANDAMASTER2871, RapturedSplicer, PixelPaladin96, Dizzeave, _Kangy, KlassicMC, and Aethelmod, Mayor of Hanau, the last to sleep, along with many others who weren't mentioned here. _Kangy stated, "I love how most Nations don't have wiki pages, but a bunch of sleeping people will."