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The Holy Pantheon is the primary religion of the Kingdom of God. The common belief is to spread peace and love through displays of art and monuments to their ideology. They also believe in true equality. The pantheon consists of several gods, each usually representing a singular item or idea. At the center of the pantheon lies the worship of Anime. The pantheon expands by incorporating the gods of other nations and cultures, hoping to one day have a land full of religious sites for all faiths.



Literally anime.


God of sugarcane and wealth, one of the most revered gods of the pantheon for her generosity.


God of death and destruction, the personification of cruelty and evil. Often compared to the devil in Christian mythology. Veneration of Grandpa_boob began after The Slaying of Pope Mistapurple.

Former gods

At the center of the pantheon formerly lied the god of gods, Jesus. While original writings from the pope prominently represented Jesus as the core of this religion, the members of the group later attempted to distance themselves from this god, some even claiming they never worshiped it from start.