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The Incorporated City of Uhovia

Motto(s): "Ex nihilo, fortuna."
"From nothing, a fortune."
CountryFree Cities of Alathra
Founded bywhite_flare1506
 • TypeLocal Lordship
 • Lordwhite_flare1506
 • Prime Ministerspiceymonkey1349

Uhovia is a coastal city located on the eastern end of the Northwestern Continent. It is currently under construction. It is also the easternmost city on the Northwestern Continent.


  • white_flare1506 (Lord)
  • spiceymonkey1349 (Prime Minister)
    • austinzhu (Sir Knight)


The Dirt Bridge Incident

During the night of May 21-May 22, a mysterious dirt bridge appeared between Uhovia and a neighboring city, New Ashina. Both the people of Uhovia and Ashina denied involvement, and the Uhovians started to worship it as a bridge to the spirit world. Ultimately, however, they realized how ugly the bridge looked, and a prominent member of Ashina, King Shepsicle, promptly dismantled it.

The First Assassination of White_Flare

On May 22, white_flare1506, ruler of Uhovia, was killed by EpicMasterVic, a bounty hunter from P.I.B., for a bounty placed by an unknown client. Because the two city-states were located far apart, and because Uhovia was still in the process of construction, the Uhovians decided not to pursue the assassin.

The Alliance of Coastal Cities

On May 26, Prime Minister spiceymonkey1349 of Uhovia, King Cody29797 of HighTide, and King MylesDon of Duskenspur created an alliance between their three towns as a defensive agreement against any potential threats from the other nations. They sought the support of OnlySolid of Slavongrad because of his manpower and resources, but after OnlySolid's disgrace and fall from power, they were forced to abandon this idea.

The Founding of Evergreen

On May 28, BentoSet, a friend of spiceymonkey1349, founded Evergreen as an outpost to oversee Uhovia's inland territory. He was given a loan of over $30,000 by LordMonkey1 of Slavongrad, who menacingly stated, "You are in debt to me now," then left.

The Second Assassination of White_Flare

On May 30, spiceymonkey1349 was looking on the map of Alathra, when he noticed VonDaConMon, a member of P.I.B., rapidly approaching Uhovia from New Ashina City. Realizing white_flare1506's life was in danger, spiceymonkey rushed to get on the server and warn his king. Alas, he was too late, for white_flare had been assassinated again and his murderer had escaped.

The Free Cities of Alathra

After much deliberation, King white_flare1506 finally joined the Free Cities of Alathra on June 1, following Evergreen's admission on May 30.

The Wrath of IQ33

After the fall of Slavongrad, On June 1, IQ33, a disgraced member of Slavongrad, began indiscriminately attacking the citizens of Alathra, using dark magic to fly across the world in mere seconds, to instantly appear in unexpected locations, and to shapeshift into different forms in order to evade banishment by the astral beings which governed the realm. He murdered Prime Minister spiceymonkey1349 four times in a row, stealing his armor and using it to assassinate other high-ranking citizens of Alathra. The situation proved to be so desperate, Emperor KnightOfNotch of Ashina, normally a reserved, reclusive ruler, came to spiceymonkey1349's aid, driving away IQ33.

KnightOfNotch's actions helped to alleviate tensions between the Ashina Empire and the FCA, who were wary of Ashina's global dominance. Indeed, after reading the history of the Ashina-Lothridge War and witnessing Ashina's defiance against Grandpa_boob's tyranny, spiceymonkey1349 came to respect Ashina's record of defending individualism and freedom. Nonetheless, he remained vigilant against Ashina's movements, remembering his own duty to protect the autonomy of the FCA and the other nations.

Ashina-Vatican War

On June 14, Prime Minister spiceymonkey1349 and Sir austinzhu were part of the FCA force that attacked Vatican City along with Ashina and Fare-Sesso. Both served honorably, with austinzhu dueling with Grandpa_Boob to entertain the alliance and spiceymonkey1349 guarding austinzhu's items after he lost the duel.

Spiceymonkey's Departure

On August 3, Prime Minister spiceymonkey1349 left Uhovia to found the town of Geldostadt in the mesas to the north, hoping to exert closer control on the gold-rich hills.


Uhovia is located on a large beach at the mouth of the Uhov River. There is a small desert and mesa located to the north, and plains to the east.

Government and Politics

Uhovia's government is a local lordship, with Lord white_flare1506 the founder and Prime Minister spiceymonkey1349 at the top of the governmental hierarchy. Officially, Lord white_flare1506 is the ruler of the city, but because he tends to be absent for long periods of time, Prime Minister spiceymonkey1349 typically handles the day-to-day operations of the city, making him Uhovia's de facto ruler.

External Relations

As a member of the Free Cities of Alathra, Uhovia is allied with HighTide, Duskenspur, and Evergreen. Uhovia has no outstanding disputes with any other town.


Uhovia's main product is sugarcane, with the city boasting the largest farm in the Northern Continent as well as all of Alathra. Used for sweets, brewing, paper-making, and numerous other industries, sugarcane has made a fortune for Uhovians involved with its growing, harvesting, processing, and shipping. Uhovia supplies many other cities in Alathra as well as Madonis, Prime Minister spiceymonkey1349's hometown far across the ocean.

In addition to sugarcane, Uhovia also has strong ranching and alchemical industries, making it a crucial supplier of meat and potions for the FCA's military.

More recently, Uhovia has become a major vendor of enchanted books, making a fortune off of selling Mending and Unbreaking books for clientele all across Alathra.


The most striking aspect of Uhovia's culture is the seeming absence of it altogether. Its stoic, grey walls and utilitarian buildings reflect the populace's indifference towards the arts, preferring practical designs to overly complicated ones.

Because of this lack of distinguishing culture, its neighbor and trading partner HighTide managed to develop its own culture centered around the turtles found in the Seastone Isles. Although Uhovians do not typically share the same religious devotion towards turtles as natives of HighTide, they share a general appreciation for the reptiles, having their own native population that occasionally comes to shore to lay eggs.


Nonetheless, Uhovia's primary cultural claim is the pursuit of alchemy. In fact, its flag is designed after the four stages of the Magnum Opus: Nigredo (Blackening), Albedo (Whitening), Citrinas (Yellowing), and Rubedo (Reddening). Initially sought after as a moneymaking scheme, alchemy eventually became Uhovia's form of art, with the most talented minds creating masterpieces of tonics, tinctures, and elixirs. Today, alchemy is an art as well as an industry in Uhovia, earning it the respect of its neighbors in the FCA.


From a bird's eye view, Uhovia's layout is highly organized, with streets and buildings placed in straight, geometric patterns. Some architectural landmarks include the Uhovia Lighthouse and the Portside Chessboard, a popular venue with players from all across Alathra.


While a significant number of Uhovians are atheistic, most share a rational belief in a "First Causer," a "Maximal Good", or a "Grand Designer." They welcome all other religions, interested in any practical insights that their teachings may hold.