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The Unitatis - Errane War, otherwise known as the Great Phantom Siege, was a conflict fought in southern Arith. This was a notable event due to the amount of high-profile characters and outside sources joining the war.

Unitatis-Errane War
DateSeptember 2nd, 2021
Southern Arith
Result Decisive Unitatis victory
  • Errane reduced to ruins
  • Belligerents
    Commanders and leaders
    8-12 Fighters 1 Fighter


    Unitatis and Errane

    Unitatis and Errane were city states located along the southernmost coast of Arith. Due to their close proximity, they were destined to have territorial differances. Its worth mentioning that Errane was rumored to have had atleast two sorcerers (hackers) in Errane's command: the Two Untold; a danger to the allied forces, but of whom were fortunately banished (banned) prior to the war.

    The Attempted Assassination of King Reynold

    A few days previous to the war, NukeKiller07 (King Killer), Lord of Errane, and three armed assailants made an attempt on King Reynolds life. The king has since stated that this attack was "unprovoked", and in doing so ensured the coming war. NukeKiller and his cronies lost in the struggle, claiming it to be a "onesided fight" due to Reynolds gear, despite the fact that in bringing three, Killer brought with him the two aforementioned sorcerers in the hopes of ensuring the Kings death. Around the same time, NukeKiller would launch a separate attack on the neighboring state of Invictus, assumedly a similar attempt on another kings life. However, and fortunately, Lord Draconius was away on business at the time. Following this display of hostilities, tensions grew between the now warring states as King Reynold demanded a sum of $11,000 in reparations. Killer would refuse, stating that Reynold had lost nothing and he himself had lost his possesions, claiming this was "payment enough." The King would not stand for any insult to his integrity, and instead would decide that "going to war was his only option".

    Every Knight and Nobody

    In the time following Reynolds declaration, word of a war in the frontier would reach every knight and nobody in the farthest corners of the world, leading for many to set sail for what was seemingly a tale of bloodstained blades. You see, however bloody or unsavory a war may be, a war is always profitable for someone. Those who came with swords opted to ally with Unitatis in the war, and in return, King Reynold offered them seats at his council. Some of those who were offered these seats are listed: Notoric of Silvermoon, HDSkipper of Iskandar, Happyface of BaSingSe, Kevien of Pragma, and Imtiredblue of Oakland. This newly found fixation resulted in a resounding population boom for Unitatis, who would go on to form their nation, Unity Unending. A fitting name for a kingdom that managed to unite every knight and nobody in the farthest corners of the world.

    The War

    The Errane Gate surrounded by Phantoms after being blown up.

    The War Council

    In the afternoon of September the 2nd, at approximately 1pm (EST), King Reynold held a strategy council at the Grand Hall in Unitatis. The meeting lasted for around an hour; many plans were laid, and in attendance was Theodmer, who was leading the charge on behalf of Redna.

    The Attack

    Theodmer would lead a detachment of four covert (invisible) operatives, so as to slip past Erranes defence, meanwhile, the First Regiment; King Reynold, Notoric, and HDSkipper, took them head on. Upon seeing the three man army, the Erranean forces (Bananabilly) announced that they did not wish to fight, and that it was their leader alone who had wronged them. King Reynold told them that if they collected themselves and left, no harm would come to them. They left unharmed. Meanwhile, NukeKiller was planning his escape. He left the battle via the use of an underground tunnel before the siege began. The attackers took the time to drink, eat, and "grind some MCMMO levels" in the meantime, considering that it was in many ways already an allied victory. In time, NukeKiller announced to the Allies that he was "leaving this shitshow" before disappearing. Unitatis and the Allies took this chance to celebrate further and "share their GGs", despite the seige being far from over.

    Night fell. With around 10 soldiers now around the banner, winged hellions appeared out of the night sky. Almost forty Phantoms were pushed on the group, dealing any damage in their power. Jokes were shared as to how the phantoms were a better enemy than King Killer, and that this was his plan all along. Then, ironic disaster struck. As the allies fought the third wave of phantoms, a stray arrow from Theodmer's bow struck VentoAureo, killing him on the spot (it is rumor that Killer himself might have been a sorcerer.) Theodmer kept guard of his angel chest, and the Allies continued to joke, stating that the Allies had more kills on the Allies than Errane. Soon after, a land auction was held, with those interested bidding on Errane itself. Patatskie won the auction for a sum of $4000, however, they unanimously decided that the land wasn't worth that much, and in return sold it to Theodmer for $1. The entirety of Errane was sold for one dollar. Following this selection of festivities, King Reynold is alerted as to the first death of King Killer in the midst of the auction. HDSkipper found the entrance to the tunnel for which NukeKiller had escaped, stabbing him on the spot. A discussion was had considering who would get his head when he was killed a second time, the decision being places upon Rynnth. Killer continued to hide, keeping hold in the dark, and wearing ceremonial gold armor for his fortune. He was killed twice more, once with Rynnth's Celestial Executioner and once with the Celestial Bow. Following this, NukeKiller left once more. The battle dragged on; a waiting game for the Allies, and precious time for Killer. King Reynolds forces would erect various structures, most of them detailing the phantoms. The Allies pleaded with Killer to surrender, ending the war, but he never heeded their call and continued to die. NukeKiller made a last ditch effort for Unitatis, but was intercepted by Notoric, and was swiftly hunted down by an airborn Rynnth. Upon losing his everything, King Killer surrendered and the battle was won. King Reynold plundered the town, and Errane was forced to disband.

    Post War

    Some of the attacking forces posing after the battle is won.

    Some people would see this war as a symbol; that nations are willing to put aside their differences for the greater good of the realm. Others would see this as having been a mere convention of opportunists. Theodmer did not want to celebrate the crushing defeat of that of a small town at the hands of such a large army. Regardless, the Allies went on to loot and pillage the remains of Errane. in Unitatis fireworks were set, and drinks were had, and every knight and nobody felt like everybody.