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Vasya's regular skin
ResidenceKais Kogong
Other namesThe Librarian, "The Last of the Kogongi"
OccupationSpiritual Leader
Known forThe Kaido, The Library, Kais Kogong

Vasya is a Naist Druid from Kogongu. She is best known as the creator and founder of the Grand Library of Kais Kogong, As the Cofounder of Kogongu and as the compiler of the Kaido. She is a disciple of both Namari and Naia. She is approximately 113 years old.

Vasya joined the server on April 3rd, 2021.


Early Life

During her youth, Vasya was an average Kogongi. She lived a communal hunter-gatherer lifestyle for many years. At the age of 13 she underwent a coming of age ritual that involved tattoos and traditional magick, leaving her eyes yellow.

Vasya was later abducted by Acquendavian forces and taken to the towers of philosophy in Lothridge, where she was meant to study the nature of power and the pursuit of happiness. There, she met Naia, a Kogongi woman who had studied under Namari, a prominent Kogongi religious figure. The two of them, along with other abducted Kogongi, rejected the Acquendavian philosophies and developed their own beliefs based on Kogongi teachings.

At one point, they returned to their homeland and visited Namari shortly before she passed from the body, where they were both renamed as Naia and Vasya. Both of their birth names have been lost to history.

Vasya followed Naia until her death at the Pit, and afterwords went into hiding at what was to become Kais Kogong.

Modern Day

Vasya remained in hiding for over 70 years, meditating deeply and returning to her hunter-gatherer lifestyle. During this time, she spread her teachings to other native Kogongi, but largely remained hidden. She spent great deal of time as a nomad, even venturing as far as Mjǫðr and making contact with the vikings. She eventually took Hargreevs as a pupil and the two, along with Game Glider SKG formerly established Kais Kogong. Vasya became known as a peaceful, spiritual figure, causing Kais Kogong to form into a hub of art and knowledge rather than one of war and power.

During this time, she began compiling the Kaido.

Exile from Kogongu

In early July 2021, Vinkiller and several other players approached Vasya about a plan for a possible overthrow of Ashina. Vasya admitted that she did not favor Ashina's expansion politics, but had no interest in Vinkiller's violent philosophies, and so declined, but agreed to help how she could. This meeting used in-game party chat, which cannot be seen by other players. Player Austinzhu noticed that he could not read these messages in chat, but they still appeared on the dynmap. He came to Kais and oveheard the entire plot. Fearing Discovery, Vasya killed him, marking the first act of violence she had committed against another player.

The so-called revolution quickly fell apart, as Vinkiller became impatient and decided to spill the entire plan to Ashina. Vasya's name was not mentioned, but she went to High Ashina to discuss this with KnightOfNotch. Once she arrived, she was attacked by PIB assassin VonDaConMan. She died, but received a note warning her that she was still being hunted. She fled into the wild, and spent the following weeks living in caves. During this time, she lost all of her gear in lava, including her Elytra. She also wrote a number of books, including a 40 page journal, Before the Fall Part 1, and Deeper.

She traveled the world, journeying from Moo to the PIB headquarters to Mjǫðr. Whilst outside the PIB, she learned that the inhabitants of Lost Wind, some of her most trusted friends, were attempting to ally with the PIB in order to gain control of the Dragon Egg. She was contacted by TVbonez shortly after. The two met, and tensely, Bones explained that he was worried about Gwen taking control of the Dragon Egg. But he later revealed himself as an ally of the PIB. In a panic, Vasya killed him and fled. With her previous cave compromised, she went to Bennessere. She discovered a nearby colony of mooshrooms, which are sacred to her people. She transported them to Kogongu, returning them to their homeland. She then contacted the PIB to offer them a deal. She would gift them one Mooshroom, both a sacred animal and a scientific oddity. She would also offer her life any time the PIB required it. The PIB declined this offer, instead killing her and taking the Mooshroom without listening to her terms. This was a violation of ancient laws of the Kogongi, and an offense to Vasya's people and culture. Enraged, Vasya tracked the assassin down, killing him. She stole his axe and traded it for the safe return of Charles the Mooshroom. She then returned to Kais Kogong.


  • Vasya's first death was drowning in a shipwreck five minutes after joining
  • She does not wear diamond or netherite armor
  • Vasya learned after developing her character as a sage and compiler of religious texts that her name bears some resemblance to Vyasa, a Hindu Rishi who wrote and compiled the Vedas and the Mahabharata.