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Virtue Rhetoric
GenrePhilosophical treatise
Publication date
Late 2020

The Virtue Rhetoric is a 5-page philosophical pamphlet written by Grandpa_boob explaining the guiding philosophy of Lothridge and Acquendavia. It explains how the pursuit of power to one's own benefit is the highest virtue. Copies of the book are handed out to readers for free by Grandpa_boob himself. There are also copies at the Library of Kais Kogong.


The first half of the Virtue Rhetoric argues against reason as a maxim by which one should live their life. Grandpa_boob contests that what is often held as "reasonable" is merely what brings the most happiness. To hold reason as the highest virtue, then, is inefficient. Instead of asking oneself to make the most reasonable choices, one would be better off making the decision that would make them happiest.

The latter portion of the work is a case for the pursuit of power being the key to happiness. In Grandpa_boob's view, the happiest men are the men with the highest power. It must be that they are happy because they are powerful. The pursuit of happiness is merely the pursuit of power. Thus, it becomes a act of virtue to seek power for oneself.

Reactions and legacy

The Virtue Rhetoric is perhaps one of the most infamous books in Alathra. It elucidates the personal beliefs of a man widely considered a tyrant and a murderer. At the surface, the Virture Rhetoric seems to be nothing more than a treatise on utilitarianism; however, it betrays an extraordinarily individualistic, philosophically selfish, and quasi-Social Darwinist worldview. Grandpa_boob certainly lives by the rules he wrote out in the Rhetoric, as he was a famously ruthless ruler before being deposed and is still a feared and active killer. The Virtue Rhetoric remains a widely condemned work, with critics of the Rhetoric often being slain personally by Grandpa_boob, such as when Vasya debated Grandpa_boob at the leadup to the Ashina-Lothridge War. Vasya is also known to have thrown her copy into The Pit. The book spawned a 20+ page indirect rebuttal, a copy of which is also held at the Library of Kais Kogong.