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Flag of Voyagez
Etymology: Kogongi:Journey
Location of Voyagez
FoundedJune 6th, 2021
Founded byHaccer
Population 1

Voyagez is a town founded by Kogongi refugees fleeing reeducation at Acquendavia. It was founded by Haccer on June 6th, 2021. Voyagez was founded and named when its people converted their wooden canoes to houses after encountering fertile swampland. It has since become a starting place for anyone looking to grow their experience before setting out on their own.


Initial Settling

Of those that fled the Acquendavian reeducation, 83 survivors made it to the fertile grounds of Voyagez. The journey had aquainted them with local flora and fauna and they found it to be very similar to that of previous home. When they made the site of Voyagez, the season of Freeze set in and the survivors were forced to convert their barkskin boats into rudimentary shelters. Upon Bloom breaking the ice of Freeze, the new settlers found the land to be sustainable and choose to convert their temporary shelters into permenent shelters.

Early Settlement

The settlers found themselves all in roles similar to that of their hunter-gatherer caravan. They broke into four distinct groups. The groups, called trades by the settlers, were hunters, fishers, foragers, and specialists.
It is said that each was to lead a group onto the lands and return with their appropriate items. The fishers and specialists were to remain at the site to prepare it to be their new homeland.
Hunters went North-West and followed the waters edge as a handrail back to the site.
Fishers moved to the South-Western banks as it was forbidden to them to see what the specialists were doing
Foragers using an accute knowledge of plants and direction were able to gather from the dark oak forest to the South-East where the mushrooms grew tall and plentiful.
Specialists made up of people trained in specialized vocations such as story-telling or blacksmithing, set to surveying and preparing the site for the others to return. Lead by the religious leader of the group, the specialists conducted a ritual to bless the lands. It is not known how this ritual is conducted, nor is it known if it worked, as when all the other trades returned, the specialists had vanished.
After finishing building homes, each trade erected a statue, as well as all coming together to construct a statue in rememberance of the specialists. This was the last collabrative act before infighting began between the trade.
Voyagez was founded offically, when the Trades united under Haccer, who had mastered all three vocations. Around this time, Voyagez experienced a culture shift from isolationist to general world mercantilism.

Agrarian Boom

Large Fields were sown outside of Voyagez to allow the hungry food. Every crop available was traded for and cultivated to allow the opening of trade and good will with the world. As crops were brought in, the stones found in the fields were set to a castle. After the completion of that, the fashioning of stone houses, using the durable and water resistant spruce that was traded from Winterhallow for crops from the warmer climate as roofing material. The rise in food production allowed a population boom that brought about a necessary of greater houses. Within the small outer wall, many houses popped up.


Voyagez joined Fare-Unire when asked by RaptorJ6. It sits in a state of activity but remains neutral in world politics.

Notable Historical Figures

Lyall was the leader of the Foragers. It is said flowers bloom from her footsteps and that she sees more colors than the rest of us.
Percy was the leader of the Fishers. They once pulled The Plug at the Bottom of the Ocean when they were a child. The Kongongi were able to re-fasten the plug before the ocean lost a significant amount of water.
Rohdil was the leader of the Hunters. He is said to have killed Ravangers with only a wooden axe, and have arrows change direction mid-flight to strike whatever target he pleased.

Voyagez Statues

The Hunter is a 30 meter tall statue made of stone, glowstone, cobwebs, dark oak wood, stripped oak wood, basalt, and wool. The Hunter stands bow drawn facing south. The index vane is dyed red with local plants.
The Fisher is a 30 meter tall statue made of stone, glowstone, cobwebs, and stripped oak and birch woods. The Fisher sits on the western bank with a taut line in the water.
The Forager is a 30 meter tall statue made of stone, glowstone, red mushroom, and mushroom stem. The Forager kneels and observes a red mushroom.
The Cryer is a 15 meter tall statue made of stone, crying obsidian, and cobblestone. It sits at the Pond of Tears, and it said to be the source of the Homeless River. The only statue that can be seen from The Cryer's position is the Forager and it faces a different direction.


On the continent of Prospit, Voyagez claims 13 chunks on the banks of the Restless Basin and the Homeless River. Before being claimed by Acquendavia, Voyagez laid political claim to all the banks of the Restless Basin as well as the tributary and Pond of Tears


Voyagez seen from the north-east

Voyagez has a mercantile culture that has lead to strong connections with many of the other small towns around the server. This lead to the Voyagez to rediscovering their ancestral homelands. Roots had been put down and Voyagez had its own culture but they joined Kogongu as they shared an ancestral past.


Salmon was traditionally used to sow the plants and only would be eaten if the fish harvest was incredably good in a year. Because of the continual sowing of the fields with salmon, the crops grow very quickly and the practice was discontinued, but the people of Voyagez still enjoy salmon as a delicacy.
Suspicous Stew is regularly consumed. The forager trade learned the secrets of the suspicous stew and were able to make the stew with the desired effect. This stew was only consumed at pseudo-religious rituals.

Custom and etiquette

It is customary to feed the hungry. Voyagez does not claim its fields of food to assure any hungry player has an abundance of food. Any member of Voyagez will also give food out if someone mentions that they are hungry.


Voyagez has become a center for horse racing. Their track is marked by red flags starting to the south of the town and ending at the Eastern entrance to the town.


After the separation of Ashina and Acquendavia, the kings of Acquendavia laid claim to the entire continent. Haccer was unwilling to fight a battle against Acquendavia, and let Acquendavia claim the land for its empire.