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Hightower, formerly known as Eldia or Winter Hallow, also known as "Herrm" by the villagers living there, is a city in the south of Gaushan and the capital city of the Solar Kingdom of Eldia. The founder of Winter Hallow translated the name to make it much more easier for others of Alathra to understand. Being a small village in the southest south of Alathra, it got from a colony of the Arcadian Altanate to the capital city of one of the greatest Empires in Alathran history, the Solar Kingdom of Eldia.



A once small village known as Herrm by the indigenous villagers. They were cursed of the Everfrost after angering Icyrus, the God of Ice and Survivial. Pyra, the Goddess of Fire and Warmth pitied the residents and made it warm for one day out of the entire year. This was celebrated for centuries. Several years later, illagers raided the villagers and a strange man saved the villagers of Winter Hallow, he was known as the Hero of Ash.

Modern Day

When Tilly Angolmois got appointed mayor of Winter Hallow and Governor of the Teufort province in Arcadia, he instantly worked onto better developement, which was achieved. He later renamed the city to "Eldia", a name taken from the eldian people, an indigenous tribe in the south of Gaushan. Not much longer, Mayor Angolmois, now Helios I, declared the formation of the Solar Dominion of Eldia. Then he renamed the city to "Hightower" and began with the construction of the "High Tower of Hightower".


Being one of the oldest cities in Alathra, Hightower has many monuments to explore.

The High Tower of Hightower

The High Tower of Hightower as a painting. In the background, you can see the Burger Tower.

The High Tower of Hightower was built by Helios I, when he announced the formation of the Solar Dominion of Eldia. It acts as a seat of government, monument, defense and throne room for the Solar King of Eldia. The Tower is so great, that the whole city is named after it.

Burger Tower

There was also a tower made of Hamburgers next to the High Tower of Hightower. However, it was removed by Leonidas. For this glorious action, Leonidas got honored as the "Hero of Hightower" by King Mithras of Eldia.

Royal Church

The church of Hightower was built, when the city still was named "Winter Hallow". It was used to baptize people to the Solarian Religion.

Fort of Hightower

Long time before the construction of the High Tower of Hightower, the Fort of Hightower was used to seek protection from agressive animals, enemies and other creatures. Although being inferior to the High Tower of Hightower, the Fort of Hightower is worth a visit.