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Yusan of Kaer Nevura

Early Life

Yusan was born on the outskirts of Styx (then Jotunstan) to two Kogong peasants in 28 BPR (Before Peachfield Revolution). Living in poverty, barely scraping by most days, Yusan grew to envy those more fortunate. As he watched countless knights pass through his small town wielding nearly indestructible armor and blades with otherworldly powers, Yusan dreamed of a power he had yet to attain.

Joining the Monks of Petroselenium

One day, early into his adolescence, Yusan awoke to his small village gathered in the town center. Exiting his home, he listened to the words spoken by men dressed in robes, realizing that they strived for the same power he lusted after. Soon after this realization, Yusan's home was taken over by nationless mercenaries, forcing its residents to flee, with most ending up dead or without a home. Believing the monk's beliefs to be his path to attaining the power for which he sought, Yusan went after those who's words had inspired him. Travelling day and night, without food or water, Yusan caught up with the monks in a week's time, joining them and travelling along with them until they returned to their home of Petroselenium, where he adopted their religion in search of this divine power.

Abandoning Religion and Constructing Kaer Nevura

After the monks fled the island following the island's subjection to war between Kogongu and Pultria, Yusan was the last who remained, standing alone on the place he called his home. Deciding to reject the teachings of the monks, Yusan refused to let his home be besieged again, constructing the fortress of Kaer Nevura to protect these once sacred lands. Though the village was once a holy site, Yusan became disillusioned with the gods he had formerly praised, rejecting religion and denouncing his former gods, joining Elyria in hopes of attaining the true power of which their leaders spoke. Later on, upon discovering a group of the monks in a small settlement near the coast, Yusan was met with fearful stares and hushed words. He would come to find out that due to his actions following the war and his denouncement of the gods, the monks believed that he had murdered their immortal saviors, dubbing him the Godslayer for his crimes against them.

The Murder of Hargreeves

Quickly rising through the ranks of his new nation, Yusan was put up to a task by the Elyrian Grand Council. He was to lure the Hermit Hargreeves to his fortress, trapping her and slaying her, thereby ending her reign of terror upon the realm. As Hargreeves had fought in the war on Petroselenium, Yusan blamed her as much as the others for the chaos that engulfed the island, happily accepting this offer. The plan went off without a hitch and Yusan

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The Festival

Soon after joining Alathra, yoosanghoon along with HDSkipper, CentralCreation, _Kangy, Syzmo, LordArtimus, DaBreadking, Chickenprism, and more decided to host a serverwide festival