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A figure shrouded in mystery, Zaaron (username ZaaronGaming) is a discreet yet potent force. Well-known amongst the Federation of Arith and the fallen F.C.A, he is currently the representative of Stormwind, (though formerly holding the titles of F.C.A Senator and Lord), Captain of the Federation of Arith's Archers Division, and Minister of the Federation of Arith's Finances.


The ancient libraries contain an endless pool of literature. Among the oldest recorded texts is The Crimson Bolt, a tale recording how a nameless archer massacred a pre-historic superpower. No one knows the old him, nor what became of him, but Zaaron is credited with publishing the book; he alone knows of the archer's fate.


Zaaron's archery is Alathra's most revered. Though first appearing as an insignificant warrior in the war between Pultria and the 1st Army of Alathra, a conflict that lasted 5 minutes before Pultria's surrender, Zaaron quickly made a name for himself in preparation for the war between the F.C.A/Fare-Sesso and Ashina for having skill with archery matched only by Haccer869926. According to an excerpt from the seventh F.C.A senate meeting from Naamannnn: "Yeah, so Tartarus asked Caleb [Zaaron] to grind archery, and he got level 200 in two days!!" Though the war was cancelled due to external political agreements, Zaaron was recognized and subsequently promoted to Captain of the F.C.A's Archery Division.

Since then, Zaaron has surpassed Haccer869926 in archery skill. Though Haccer869926 expressed frustration at this and vowed to surpass Zaaron's archery skill, the margin between the two's archery skill has steadily increased, and Haccer869926 has yet to surpass Zaaron in archery.


Perhaps Zaaron's most renowned trait is his mining skill. According to the Metanalytical-Critical-Multivaried-Megaindex-Corporation (MCMMO), Zaaron has the 2nd highest skill in mining across Alathra (trailing only behind Grandpa Boob). This stems from the fact that Zaaron has spent hours upon hours searching for Netherite. According to public figures, Zaaron currently has 72 Netherite ingots (approximately $720,000's worth). The total amount of Netherite he has acquired is estimated to be nearly 130 ingots, with significant portions of it being donated to various players, particularly Thodege, Ham62, Naamannnn, and Fredbook. According to the thirteenth F.C.A senate meeting, his vast material wealth is responsible for his appointment as Minister of Finance.