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County of Zusammenflussberg Greveskapet Zusammenflussberg (Isviking)
Motto: Proudly Swimming
Official languages Isviking, Common Tongue
Ethnic groups Isviking
Religion Salmonism
Demonym Zussammenflussbergers
 •  Greve (Count) Antonluvetuva
 •  Fishop (Vacant See)
Establishment September 2021
Zussammenflussberg from Above

Town Overview

Zusammenflussberg is a town on the continent of Prospit and the capital of the County of Zusammenflussberg (Isviking: Greveskapet Zusammenflussberg) within the Archduchy of Nixium. The town is located where the River Rolda turns into the Roldafjord before flowing out into the Sea of Scars.


Zusammenflussberg was founded by immigrant settlers during the terror reign of Acquendavia. According to legend, these early people were shown to settle here by an almighty fish god, Almakoler, and his homour the inhabitants became vegetarian and emblazoned a salmon figure on their banner, and built a temple made of heavy stone. They spoke a language not too different from neither the Common Tongue nor Isviking, but different enough for communication to be a burden (German). Their major piece of infrastructure was a wall that simultaneously dammed the River Rolda, probably to tax trade and to keep fish stocks high.

The origins of Zussamennflussberg and its people

The proud citizens of Zussammenflussberg have travelled a long way from their original home of Tortuga. They have left the village because it’s location so far east was not favourable. Most of their citizens dreamed about becoming a mercenary town and so they urged for adventure. Their path to the promised lands that were to become their new home was not easy though. They left very spontaneously, without preparing any food or tools that are usually required for a journey this long. They had thought that there would be a lot of easily forgeable resources along the way. This unpreparedness proved to be their downfall. The gods of Alathra, clearly being angry at Zussammenflussbergers for leaving the fertile lands that were granted to them. But then just as the pilgrims were about to suffer their first casualty due to starvation, they had found a river. Down the stream there was a huge school of salmon coming towards them. Behind this flock was the standing The One True God, Almakoler. He in his full fishy beauty had raised his fin towards the confluence of the two rivers. The travellers, now full of fish, had taken that as a sign. They would settle there a town which would only thrive under Almakoler’s guidance. They then swore a sacred oath to Almakoler and the religion Salmonism was created.

Almakolers is a chad
The pilgrims behold Almakoler for the first time.

Selecting the First council of Zussammenflussberg

In an event that is described in the Book of Pufferfish, Almakoler decided that the citizen with the biggest fishing skills would become the new prophet of the newly created faith. The prophet’s name was vasikpasik1234 and he soon became the first "Fishop" of Zussammenflussberg. vasikpasik1234 then elected his two trusty advisors Fire_Fox123, for being the most devoted member during the Great journey and Bert2, for he had to be the blessed one, because he brought the most treasure to the settlement. The citizen _Mirime_ was tasked with always beautifying the city to Almakolers vision. Soon after vasikpasik1234 had declared that all non-fish meat was desecrated and forbade any member of the religion from eating it. That’s why every citizen of Zussamenflussberg (ZFB) is vegetarian. The town of ZFB is open to newcomers, but to have the full privileges, you have to become a member of the faith by absolving the Ritual of Communion. This process is described in the The Ritual book, found in Almakoler’s temple.

Expansion and Damming of the Rolda

Not much is known of the motivations behind the expansion of the town, as the Salmonists left no written records about its stage-wise development. What can be observed archeologically however, indicates that the dam which was constructed between two towers on either side of the River Rolda may have been built to improve fish stocks, but possibly also to charge tolls on trade. A short dispute with Isvik ensued as the Isviking's found themselves unable to row down the river, and the two groups communicated by leaving written messages in the forested borderlands between them. Eventually the Zussammenflussbergers kept their dam, but allowed a path to go through the town to give the Isvikings passage. Apart from the dam, there is also presence of a large inn, prison, marketplace and various small structures. The technology of construction was quite sophisticated, but the rate of construction gradually slowed, indicating an economic stagnation.

Absorption into Nixium

Despite all divine intervention during its founding, the town was gradually abandoned and eventually the treasury dried up. No one of the original inhabitants continued to take custody for the settlement, and so it came to pass that it was peacefully partitioned between the Free City of Ragusa and the Archduchy of Nixium. Initially Ragusa only claimed the southern holm and the old temple of Almakoler, but after later settlements with Nixium it also annexed the eastern banks. Both the Nixian and Ragusan courts made preservation efforts where feasible, as a sign of respect to the predecessors and also as a testament to its high quality. All the original buildings still stand and have only undergone minor renovations, such as the undergoing project to convert the dam into a bridge.

On the Nixian side of the river, Zussammenflussberg was awarded to the Huskarl Antonlovetuva as he was promoted to Count, in order for a lord to care for the settlement and protect it from plundering.

Real Specimen of Banner of Zussammenflussberg

The banner of Zussammenflussberg resembles Almakoler proudly swimming against the current of the rivers on which is Zussammenflussberg built on. This reseambles the unbending will of its citizens. Usually Almakoler is drawn as a orange fish, which resembles the enthusiasm and optimism of every single member of Salmonism. When the citizens are distressed about something (war, economical situation, etc.,) they hang a version of the banner where Almakoler is cold blue.