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Arith is a continent located in north-west Alathra, surrounded by 2 gulfs and the middle sea. It is the largest continent, spanning around 6000 blocks.
The Continent Of Arith. The bottom left outreach of land is the northernmost tip of New Anglia.


Arith is characterized by a relatively undiversified continental geography, compared to other areas in Alathra. South-east Arith contains a large old-growth forest located between Redwood and Ellesmere, bordering the sea. Surrounding this is an area of largely expansive flatlands, containing very little highland. As you move northward you make your way into an area rightly named the Birch Shaws near the ruins of Xenoarcadia. Further lies Mount Xeno, the largest peak in Arith, and the source of all its fresh water. North-west Arith contains a very large boreal forest, a great "belt" of flora stretching west to east, taking up more than half of the continent. This forested area is very diverse however, containing oak, birch, dark oak, spruce, swamps and savanna. The appearance of Arith's mesa biomes remain a mystery, one in the far north and one in the east.


The continent of Arith is occupied by a total of 4 nations:

- Mirenirenic

- The Solar Empire of Arith


- Moo

Notable Locations

- Vyzia, capital of the F.C.A. and is Ariths one of its most advanced city's.

- Pragma is the home of Arith's Northern Alliance, the unition of most Arithian states.

- Romanus Silva is one of the largest city's in Arith and Alathra.

- Redwood is a financial powerhouse of Arithian economy.

- Invictus is one of the largest city's in Arith and the world. It is noted for its impressive architecture.

- Solar Pyrrhus, holy capital of the Solar Empire of Arith, characterised by it's domineering and baroque-styled architecture.

- Unitatis was the capital of Encavia, and an internationally involved state.

- Mudtown is a settlement located in north-west Arith marshland, and the location of The Hanging Cock.

- Sun Harvest was the capital of the Kingdom of Solis, and was the site of the Unity-Luton / Pyrria War.

- Xenoarcadia is a large ruined town located in central Arith.

- Nowhere is a town located in the frozen ocean. It is known for its rich history and many who travel to the town comment on how impressive it is.

- Mount Xeno is the tallest peak in Arith, located in the approximate middle near Xenoarcadia..