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The Beginning:

When Avele was young, she was thrown aside from her family due to her inability to preform normal womanly tasks. She would find herself going into the woods and creating her own little wooden shacks and things to observe the wildlife that surrounded her family manor within the kingdom of Jekli. Once thrown out, Avele began to go north to the kingdom of Turien, where she spent about 10 years growing up with a friend she had made in her childhood. Sadlly, near Avele's 18th birthday she found her childhood friend killed in cold blood on the living room floor. After that day, she dedicated her life to finding the person who caused this.

The Beginning. Again?

Avele had a troubled childhood, however, a year after her friend was killed she began delving into witchcraft and began to train herself not just in magic, but also fighting. She went to training groups that were only for men fighters and took bets to show how strong she was, wiping out more than a dozen people with her bare hands. She hid the witchcraft portion of her life as she did not want to be burned at the stake, but one day one of the Turien guards noticed that Avele had been doing some weird stuff and accused her of witchcraft, which because of her weirdly strong abilities, it didn't seem so great for her. The Turien guard took her to a prison where they awaited her killing and as Avele sat in her cell she recalled her purpose, to find the true killer of her friend. She called upon her which craft abilities and broke out of her cell and ran in the night to a forest between the kingdom of Turien and a neighboring kingdom called Elohera. After this event, the kingdom of Turien placed a bounty on her head, but what they didn't know is where she went or if she even was still in town or not. Back to the main character now, Avele continued deep into the large forest, getting lost when she came to a small clearing in the trees, where she noticed an odd figure. The following is an exact excerpt from the events that occurred.

"Who are you" Avele asked, putting her hand on a blade that she stole while fleeing.

The figure stood up, they were wearing a white cloak and as they stood it swayed almost like there was wind however there wasn't any wind on this night. The figure turned to Avele, their bright green eyes glistened as the figure looked her up and down.

"My name is Efri, I am a deity" the figure said, holding a staff in their left hand.

The rest of the events that happened are unknown and have been lost through time.

...However, it is known that Avele is now in an alliance with Efri the nature deity. Efri is to not be trusted, due to his ability to manipulate people into doing his bidding. We believe that Avele is going to try and take a ship to travel to the lands of Alathra, which lie due north, fifteen days from Uitoka...

     - Lasien (Head general of Turien)

The Aftermath:

Before Avele was able to find said boat, she was being searched for my multiple kingdoms, so she had to find some way to either get past the 5+ nations that were after her or take them off the board completely. She began to go on a massacre as Efri insisted to her, he told her that she needed to kill and destroy every nation that stood in her way or she would never be free from Uitoka, so, just as Efri insisted, she destroyed almost every nation that lied between her, and the seas. She killed every king and royal family in cold blood, which sort of scared her, realizing that maybe what she was doing wasn't going to fix anything. However, Efri assured her that everything that she was doing was for the better good, so she continued. She finally made way to the sea with a boat and began to travel to the lands of Alathra.

Welcome to Alathra:

Avele landed on the northwest island of Alathra on an early day where she began to feel a strange presence within the area, which lead her to the town of Guldhir. She met with the king of Guldhir, Jon Dodbane, who was willing to let her into the town and began to learn that she was good with backstabbing people and exploiting people as she did before from her prior home, so in learning of such information he founded the Veilweavers with Avele as the leader. Avele instantly got to work, constructing a HQ within Guldhir for the Veilweavers and bringing in a man named Einherjar and the Guldhir prince, Askon. While Avele was having a conversation with Efri in the basement of the Veilweaver building, Einherjar and someone named Dino began to hear her and someone random talking so they began to ease drop on her. Einherjar left in a hurry while Dino decided to stay, where Avele found them and knocked them out, dragged them outside and threw them onto the streets of Guldhir. Soon after, a trail for Einherjar began, to try to cleanse him of a curse which befell over the Dodbane family in the past, and since Einherjar had some relations with the princess of Guldhir he gained the curse, also known as the curse of the undead. Avele attended this trail, even though she was not invited she found a way in and observed, watching the travesties that befell Einherjar as they attempted to cleanse him of his curse. Jon Dodbane and the priest that accompanied him took Einherjar away to fort Dodbane where Avele followed. She broke her way into the basement just as they were finishing and Avele confronted Jon Dodbane. They both argued back and forth where Jon then learned that the curse that Einherjar was not the same curse that befell his family, rather a curse of the deity Efri, but as such Avele took the blame. Jon stabbed what he thought was her in the stomach and just as he did, she became a pile of ash in front of him, signaling that Avele may have been using witchcraft. Avele then fled to the city of Bronzelight and seeked assistance from the two other members of the Veilweavers which were not mentioned before. The first person was the leader of the town that Avele fled to, whose name is Vivek. The other person that Avele seeked out was the leader of an island kingdom named Sunstone, whose name is Argran. They both agreed that something needs to happen and just as they were speaking, Einherjar arrived in the city and attempted to kill the three. He technically was successful in killing Avele, however the curse that technically befalls her does not allow her to die unless Efri kill her himself.

The Veilweaver's mission:

After the events of Einherjar showing up to Bronzelight and trying to kill the Veilweavers, Avele searched the land for items for a ritual that are unknown to Alathra, however she managed to find what she needed to create the ritual to cure Einherjars curse completely. He still believes that Avele should be dead due to her own curse, however the next phase of the Veilweavers mission of trying to rid the world of darkness has commenced. Elias (Anekomancer) Meet with Avele at the Bronzelight port to see exactly what was going on with the Veilweavers when Efri showed her true colors and made it so that they were unable to move as they told them to not ask questions about what they are doing...The next phase of the mission will be long. What will this entail, I myself as the writer am not sure, but we will see...

After this event, Avele began to be consumed by Efri and was controlled by him. Efri went after Einherjar and tried to drive him mad, which in the process happened. Efri then went through and cured/cursed Einherjar. He cursed him by placing a binding spell that would make it so that Efri always knew where he was, so after doing so, he continued to make Einherjar go mad. Later on, Einherjar took multiple priests and went to Bronzelight in search of Efri to remove him from the world. He found him/Avele at the shrine that he used to cure/curse Einherjar and proceeded to cure Avele, which to their success worked. Efri left Avele's body and removed his mark off of her arm which made her the perfect vessel for him. Doing this caused Avele's memories to revert back to when she first made the deal with Efri, her mind not knowing anything about where she was or anything she was taken to Zethortal/Blackthorn and taken in as a member and nursed back to health. And this is now where she resides, in Zethortal.

Blackthorn's awakening:

After Avele was taken into Zethortal as a member, she tried to acclimate herself to the town, gaining a job at the Riverstones cafe and getting a house within the town for herself. After this she learned of a new person named Randi, who new of Efri and wanted to remove him from the planet. However, the only way to do so would be for Efri to consume Avele and then be locked away.

The siege against Thaambaile came at a loss. Avele was the leader of the home front, meaning that she was in charge of protecting Zethortal from Thaambaile rouges that came to attack. Thankfully, this did not happen, however after this event, Avele helped create a group within Blackthorn that would be technically known as their military.

The ending is never the end:

After the event of the war, Avele found Randi at the arena in Zethoral, where he was preparing a ritual to bring Efri out of hiding in the Veil. He was successful and he possessed Randi, but in doing so, the two created a deal and worked together while Avele tried to kill them. Jon Dodbane told Avele not to hurt Randi and as she was going to strike upon him Jon Dodbane killed Avele... At least it seemed as such. Axel Lionheart took Avele to the Healing Hands in Zethortal in hopes to heal her, which is when Elias came to aid him. The two conducted a ritual to hopefully bring Avele back to life, which technically did work, however it did not fully bring her back to what everyone remembered her to be, she was different. She went around and healed the people around her before vanishing. From this point, Avele went to the town of Mythosia to confront somebody that nobody knew about. As she walked ashore, a woman named Aenora found her eyes upon her and pulled out her scythe, warning Avele to leave the island. Aenora, knowing what Avele now was chased her around the island and killed her. A few days after this event Aenora held a funeral for Avele, still wanting to honor her life because she was not a bad person.

This is the end for Avele.. I do not know if anyone really reads this but I do hope you enjoyed the lore.. Stay tuned because Aenora is next, and things will get a little crazy..