Cultus Mavarus

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     To the northeast lies majorly abandoned islands of brilliant cool forest and stony, frozen peaks. The underlying caves of the center mountain stand as convenient passages and deadly labyrinths. Pirates and outsiders seek refuge, only to be lost in the thick darkness. Amidst the chaotic fall of Enderia, the people of the frostlush cave descended to illuminate the surface runefog. A new powerhouse settlement, Hellirasta is born. 
     Helli explorers edge the cave to search for the former Enderia mayor and the truth to the missing persons. Venturing into the dark, they discovered charming dark spirits. The misers are a reincarnation of some lost pirates’ souls. To show respect and receive gifts from the depths, Helli have turned to honor the misers by building a society that their once-human bodies never experienced. As builders and sculptors, Mavarus carves out the cave and builds modern infrastructure around holy sites where misers lay present. The authors of this page do not share the depth of their beliefs nor the identities of any inhuman entities. It does encourage you to visit and learn first-hand; however, Do Not Descend Further. Most have not become misers or resurfaced.

     Fata manus gelidae confluentes Hellis et Mavarus

Known Misers: C-Miser Su-Miser Si-Miser H-Miser