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of Lethos
BornUnknown, over 350 years old
OrganizationThe Necronian Legion
Notable workFounding Lethos
Height6'6" (198cm)
TitleFounder of Lethos
PredecessorHis Brother
Relatives1 brother, name unknown

Dessious is somewhat informally known as the leader (or figurehead) of the nation of Lethos.


Early Life

Dessious's early life was one of rigorous arcane study, rarely leaving his chambers... A far cry from how he is today. While mostly uneventful save for this, it is known that he and his brother were close from an early age.

Bringing Lethos to Alathra

Dessious was the first lethonian to set foot on Alathra, drunkenly stumbling into the central portal in Silvervale and accidentally finding himself on the world, along with a few other boozers from the realm of Phenos. This small group decided to stay for a while, and subsequently constructed the walled city of Akkabrim.

Wicked Side-effects


Political Beliefs

Dessious's political beliefs are a convoluted mess, and could be considered antiquated by many. (WIP)


Dessious follows no known religion, and has been known to intentionally brand himself as a heretic to religious orders who have done wrong by his people.


  • Dessious gives conflicting stories about why his eyes are red, varying from "A side effect of the alchemy treatments I take." to "I didn't eat my vegetables as a kid, now look at me!". While the actual reason is known to Lethos, it's rarely discussed without a comedic tone.
  • Dessious is rumored to wear a black naval greatcoat everywhere he goes, but on Alathra is more often seen wearing a set of lethansteel brigandine.
  • Despite Dessious's heavily scarred form and frequent injuries, new scarring seems incredibly rare.
  • Dessious refuses to claim the title of "King" or "emperor" of Lethos, even though some of his people consider him such.