Geopolitics of Alathra

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In accordance with Alathra's lust for knowledge, the Australis Union commissioned this report to be done by the Praeses Office. This will not go over the power, rather this will go on about the basics.


Alatrha is the most unique earth server out there, thanks in part to it's intriguing population. This population consists of players from differing cultures interacting with one another, peacefully or not. In addition, the medieval tech combined with movecraft makes it among the most technologically advance civilization.

Thanks to that, the geopolitics of alatrha are the outliers in the realm. This document will hopefully shed light on it.


While not overtly political in terms of the real world, Alatrha does have noticeable divides between those of differing beliefs. Due to that, it has been observed that interactions between the opposing beliefs tend to be more hostile.


Those on the Left side of the political spectrum tend to emphasis on the experience of the individual, whether themselves or new players. Any differing religion or species is generally frowned upon by them. In addition, these individuals advocate for squatter's rights, that is the right to settle on claimed land. This has often spiraled out into all out war in many instances.

The individuals also tend to mandate a state culture, be it a language, a religion, or a certain way to act.


The right side of the spectrum (direction not opinion) are more about freedom. The individuals here have a emphasis of freedom of religion, freedom of language, and freedom to roleplay. These states also advocated for the freedom of prosperity, which can be seen with the fortification of their borders. This does however result in brutal suppressions of squatters on their territory.


Some of the most important aspects to geopolitics are routes, be it manmade highways or sea lanes. Often considered a chokepoint to whomever controls it, strong grasp of these sites give financial security to any nation. This was well observed with the Elyrian Empire, who currently has veneruable sea access due to a narrow mountain river.


The most common threat's to peace are usually on the roleplay side. This may include: -Religious Differences -disagreement about species (I wouldn't call it racism) -Territorial Disputes -Player Disputes


Because geopolitics are a disputed topic, many forms of tension currently exists. The most famous one currently is the Prsata Cold War , a rivalry between the Australis Union and Prsata Constellation over territorial disputes. In addition, several other wars can be traced back to geopolitics.