Icyrus's Blade

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Icyrus's Blade is an item gifted to Plato by Icyrus, God of the Ice.


It was given to Plato after he discovered the Heart of the Iceberg. It is said that when the Heart was extracted, a terrible storm came over Coldfront, engulfing the town whole. After the wind and snow settled, the central lake started glowing. Upon closer inspection, something was seen beneath the water. It was surfacing. Terrible dread came over the townsfolk, and several lost their minds. But then it finally appeared from below the water. A cube of ice, several people tall, and there was something inside it. It took several days to break the ice, but finally it cracked, releasing sparks into the night sky. Inside was a Blade, glowing slightly, emitting blue light.

History of Item

It hasn't been used in battle yet, but recently Plato started carrying it instead of his regular sword.

Special Traits

It's powers are yet to awaken, so who knows what this blade, forged in cold by the Gods, can do.

Current Usage/Location

Right now it's used by Plato as his main weapon.