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Invictus is a city state located on the southern coast of Arith, a member town of the Solar Empire. Invictus is ruled by Lord Draconius.


The Invictus provincial banner under the Encavian Empire; a brand that would continue to represent Invictus following the fall of Encavia.

The Founding

Invictus was founded upon the ruins of Rome by Lord Draconius, son of Stevius Blockius I on July 24th, 2021. Invictus subsequently joined the F.C.A. after negotiating with neighboring Redwood. Draconius continued and finished contruction on his fathers citadel.

Smoke On The Horizon

Invictus's parent nation the F.C.A. divided into 2 separate nations: the F.O.A. (Federation Of Arith) and the K.O.A. (Kingdom Of Arith). As Invictus was a member of the F.C.A. it feared involvement in a continental war. The Invictan council decided upon separating from the F.O.A.

A World On Fire

On the 19th of August, 2021, the southern nation of Elyria declared war on the F.C.A., but Invictus managed to stay unparticipant during the war. Emperor ShermansWorld of Elyria offered to spare Invictus of attack if they only left the domain of the F.C.A. Draconius agreed. On August 28th, Elyria laid siege to the F.C.A. capital of Hightide as the nation was sent into turmoil. Invictus left the F.C.A., therefore preventing Elyrian attack. Invictus was in good relations with Elyria.

A photo of Invictus taken on October 25, 2021.


Invictus joined the nation of Unity-Luton, a union of Unitatis and Sun Harvest, who went on to declare war on the northern nation of Pyrria. Pyrria employed the use of Elyrian mercenaries who ultimately turned the tides of the war, resulting in a final stand at the fortress of Sun Harvest. Lord Draconius fought at the Battle of Sun Harvest, but was removed from combat after suffering injuries on the battle field. Sun Harvest was lost. The forces of Unitatis retreated back, only to be sieged by Pyrria again. Invictus left Unity-Luton shortly after. Invictus joined The Arith Empire for a time, but left after realizing flaws in its government such as the government itself. Invictus rejoined Unitatis's nation, now renamed Encavia, which was now a growing world superpower at this time. Invictus was for a time capital of the former Encavia Empire, renamed to the Invicta Empire, before disbanding the nation due to widespread inactivity. Invictus is now a member town and city state of the Solar Empire.
The Temple Of Romulus, Invictus.


Invictus hosts a thriving brewing community, headed by local vintner Spitfire14, who owns and operates one of the largest brewery's in Alathra. Invictus is also forefront in the keeping and collecting of historical records and artifactual information. Invictus's contains a museum and library in its older Capital Building, with artifacts such as the Roman Collection and the Averonian Blade.


Invictus had been originally solely atheistic since the days of Rome; a society centered around "human acheivement." With time and political disposition came several religions that took hold amongst the cities populace. From the far south of Koganon came the Havenian Pantheon; a polytheistic religion centered around the elements and ideas of immortality. Invictus officially adopted Havens religion because of the very prominent Greco-Roman influences between the two. A temple dedicated to the Havenian goddess Milita remains in the downtown core. From the north came the fanatics and occult practitioners under the Temple of Pater Carnis, a religion that took hold of Invictus for a period of time before its fall.