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Irithil Coat of Arms

About Irithil:

Irithil is a Town located on the far western continent Moria. It has historically been a tri-city state within the nation of Fossores, comprising the towns Blocksburg, Whitehaven, and Mineopolis. However, upon their merger has formed what is now known as Irithil. The region itself has always held importance on the Morian continent and usually dominates Morian politics. Due to this Irithil has grown into an immense city, the largest of which on the entire continent. This has cultivated, and slowly drained a majority of the continent's wealth into the lavish city. The capital of which being cut from white marble and pure golden pillars, giving it its name "The Golden Tower".


Irithil Location on Morian Continent

Irithil is located along the middle eastern coastal region of Moria known as Sunset Cove. And its wealth and geopolitical location has dominated the surrounding plains, desert, and sunset Island.

Current Projects:

Irithil City Plans

Currently Irithil is undergoing a massive infrastructure plan that will truly make it a central city within Moria.

--Key for map--

Tan: city buildings

Red: Government

Dark Red: Bank, Church

Purple: Magic school

Green: Player plots

Pink: Condensed housing

Light blue: Parks

Orange/yellow: Agriculture

Black: Walls

White: Docks

Brown: Markets

Lime: Government Business

Current Political System: 

The Kingdom of Irithil's new political system consists of a parliament. The parliament is divided into 3 parts: King, Nobles, House of Commons. The parliament is designed to give all citizens of Irithil a voice in the government but keeping a strong centralized government to delegate and make decisions.

Historical Political Systems: 

During the tri-city state era's within the nation of Fossore Republic, the city has been a democracy and partial democratic feudal system.

Current Political Affairs: 

Currently Irithil is in the nation of Irithil. However, Irithil has secluded themselves from the rest of the world, preferring diplomatic ties on neighboring continental nations/towns. Due to this the city is acting as the continental hub for Moria.

Historical Political Affairs: 

Historically the Irithilian region has held good ties with the U.C.C.R, Ashina, F.C.A., Arcadia, and TiirtaÄävotJat.

History Of Irithil:

Irithil was originally three city states, once known as Mineopolis, Blocksburg, and Whitehaven. These towns were made in the original Fossore Republic, and were very intertwined with each other. As the cities grew Blocksburg began to outshine the development of the other regions, and so merged together as the city grew.

The original Irithil was a democracy, however following Falco Di Montoia's death, Syltumal Gwyn a half elf born in Irithil took control of the government using his families crests Moon-Seer. This is due to his bloodlines ability to see visions within the moonpool. With this ability Syltumal Gwyn crushed the democratic forces and consolidated power into a monarchical system. Currently Irithil is now a Monarchy following the Moonseers.

Syltumal Gwyn was lost during an excursion into the nether. Never to be seen again. After discovering a long lost family line, Lixionit IV of Ashina, CEO of StarLix Brewing Inc. was crowned as king.

Lixionit V killed his father, Lixionit IV, after an outburst of oppression in Ashina. Lixionit V inherited the crown and announced the separation from Ashina.

Notable Figures:




Falco Di Montoia

Syltumal Gwyn

King Lixionit IV and V