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Issiroth (23), was born in the month of the bee and is child of Naaman, a resident of Vyzia.

Early life

Issiroth was born into a relatively poor life, his father being general of the FCA and a mercenary for many wars, brought up a lot of hardships throughout his life. Not only did Issiroth face the risk of his father dying at anytime in combat, but he was also often left at home to fend for himself while his father was at war. It is here where he had begun to train the way of the sword and developed an understanding of advanced sword skills only known by few across the nation. By the time Issiroth reached age 14, he was ready for his first siege. It is here where Issiroth would kill his first human. He kicked him aback, sending him to his knees. The man pleading for mercy, Issiroth had been taught not believe the shallow lies told by men before their end. For this act of surrender, Issiroth tormented him. Playing with his mind, letting him think that he would be set free, he let him walk, and before he could leave his grasp, Issiroth struck him with a quick blow, ending the man’s meek life. Blood splattering on his face, the blood met with a large smile.

Adolescence (15-20)

By the time Issiroth had reached age 15, He was a well-known fighter within his commune. But he hadn't quite proven himself on the global scale. Rather than face the geopolitical tensions across Alathra, Issiroth would once again head to Vyzia to train. This time, rather than fight the undead; Issiroth decided it would be more fit for him to duel local town members, it is here where Issiroth had met a close friend, **Senator Connaco**. Connaco was a profound swordsman and had even mastered the axe all before reaching the age 20. Although Connaco was short, clocking in at 5'7. He had proven himself as a fierce fighter on the battlefield. It is Connaco who had introduced Issiroth to the idea of Education. Issiroth, was barely able to read, nor could he write. Since Issiroth respected Connaco and his father, who were very educated men. He decided to spend time at the Vyzian library. Even putting down his sword for two fortnights. Issiroth read many books, beginning with children books which taught the values of democracy, and power of the people. These books were very simple to digest and made Issiroth question his own future and what he would leave behind. He began to understand the values of taking care of people and became a very valuable member of his community. However, there was one book, a single book no one in the library dared to touch. Which talked of the Pit located south of Vyzia. The pit was roughly 300 metres deep and had appeared after Connacos mother stepped on a weak piece of land. He did not dare read the book unless something had prompted him to.

Early Adulthood (20-22)

"On a bright sunny morning, with a pink hue, I lay wake in this bed. My father Naaman currently at war. It was a beautiful day; one you wish you could replay over and over. But a soft knock on my hard wood door had shot me out of bed and down the steps. The man at the door was Connaco. It was not one of our usual encounters. Connaco had a panicked face and was urgent to get inside. The words Connaco spoke to Me in the following minutes are not to be said once more. But shortly following the encounter, I was seen heading south. Towards the Vyzian Pit." (Excerpt from Issiroths journal) His now deceased father, spoke to him at the entrance. This presence was not his father. But it knew everything Issiroth had wished to hear, the following morning Issiroth had packed his bags and headed south, towards gaushaun, with a big smile carved into his face.

Move to Gaushan

Issiroth headed south, with a large smile carved into his face. It is here where he found find the continent on Gaushan and settle a town on these resource rich lands. Working many suns and moons until he couldn’t anymore. The dusk had settled in, a cavern was being dug out. There was a shadow in the corner of the room and Issiroth could feel somethings presence. The man in the cloak stepped from the shadows revealing his stature, his face was hidden but that only made him more ominous. He had a single request, for me to join the blood brotherhood. Which Issiroth accepted and met him with a large smile.