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Demographic Term

The Isvikings are an ethnic human group of vikings inhabiting north eastern Prospit.

They are a pragmatic and proud people with a distinct culture and a tight-knit community. All Isvikings may or may not be related, but only the aristocracy which is closely related to Gammeljarl is considered to belong to the noble House or Clan of Isvik. Initially the Isvikings were confined to Isvik, but have later populated and mixed with the rest of the Olarian Peninsula. The Isvikings are generally human, but sometimes also giant, and most often pale, blonde and blue-eyed.

Linguistic Term

Isviking is the term for the language of the people of Isvik (Swedish). It shares many linguistic similarities between the Common Tongue and the old Zussammenflussberger.


  1. Of or pertaining to Isvik, or people thereof.
  2. Isvik-language; of or pertaining to the language, descended from Urheimspråk.