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Itar, or Itar-nam is a city-town in central Prospit.



The main culture of Itar is Kresvanian or one of those local forest tribes surrounding the area. The official language is Kressvash, a version of Kressvolut designed to have more natural pronunciation. No central religion is practiced in Kresvania, but forestry followings have made talismanic disciples more common. Food in Itar usually consists of lots of Potatoes and Bread. Both of these are relatively quick and easy to produce, especially during winter months when crops stop growing. Beer, mead, and vodka also grow and flourish within the city. Mezcal is sometimes grown in the summer times and pumpkin pie is a popular accomplice to alchohol.


Itar sits on the southern face of Mt. Frazier, directly to the south of Lake Turscorn. It’s neighbor to the north is Senza-Nome and to the far south sits Sakan’to. The Cold Rock river runs through the town and empties into the eastern Faust River.


Itar was founded on April 16th, 2022 by player NoahTarHeel. Noah was a native of Haven who integrated into the culture of Central Prospit shortly after leaving the city. The name Itar in the local Gurdachanu tribal language means “City”. The town is sometimes referred to as Itar-nam, as “nam” symbolizes one with the forest.


Itar stands under the U.R.K., common Kresvania, as a de facto capital and national hotspot. Kresvania is a democracy consisting of a prime minister and an executive council. Itar, the center of the governmental figure, is soon to be hosting the Kresvanian capitol building.