Ivano Vrestó

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Ivano Matej Vrestó
Portrait of Ivano
Pronunciation[ivɐno matɛː vrɛˈsto]
Bornidk (age 19)
Wahat Almarjan, Arcadian Altanate
ResidenceGint, Kogongu Province, Arcadian Altanate
Other namesIvan, Matej, Vatra
CitizenshipArcadian Altanate
OccupationCitizen of Wahat Almarjan, Commander in Arcadian Royal Army, Politician in the Arcadian Altanate
OrganizationMufijo Faith
Known forOwner of Bijesna Vatra
Notable workjackshit yet
Parent(s)Loja Matej Vrestó (Mother), Jaqovo Matej Vrestó (Father)
RelativesIrene Matej Vrestó (Sister), Arrim Miraz-Vrestó (Half Brother)

Ivano Matej Vrestó is a noble citizen of Wahat Almarjan, and a politician and diplomat in the Sublime Arcadian Altanate, a theocratic nation serving as the refuge and authority for all adherents to the Mufijo Faith. Ivan was born into the great Mufijo clan of Vrestó along with his sister Irene Matej Vrestó. Ivan's mother is the influential Loja Matej Vrestó (also known as Lady Loja), and his father is Jaqovo Matej Vrestó. He is a half-brother to the Gižaraša of Wahat Almarjan, Arrim Miraz-Vrestó Ivan is currently living in the city of Gint with an administrative role, and he hopes to reform the city and expand on its culture, architecture, and beliefs. Ivan has also been appointed by the Altan to command the Arcadian Royal Navy, and he has been in charge with warship construction and distribution.


Early Life in Wahat Almarjan

Ivano Matej Vrestó was born in Wahat Almarjan, the capital of the Arcadian Altanate. For the most part, Ivan was raised as a regular kid in Wahat. He would play games with other children, attend primary school in the nation, and learn about the Mufijo Faith and practice it. Since Ivan was born into the Vrestó clan, he was required to practice and train his fighting skills. Ivan was considered to be a natural in his combat skills, and was a valued asset in the clan. Vrestó members reported him being one of the greatest swordsmen the clan had ever had, and he was vital in protection of the clan.

Arcadian Coup

When the coup was thrown, and Wahat was unsafe for Ivan, Lady Loja wanted to have him far away from the city. She then asked Specz to take in Ivan, and Specz agreed. Specz brought Ivan to The Source.

Time in The Source

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Returning to Wahat and Arcadia

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Family tree of the Matej, one of many families within the great Vrestó Clan


Physical Appearance


Political Involvement