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Izhaar the assassin
Other namesThe falcon
OccupationAssassin, freedom fighter
Known forHis

Izhaar, also known as the falcon is an assassin who fights for the freedom of Prospit. He worships the Source.


Izhaar has known no peace throughout his life. He was born in a half torn family in Acquendavia. He grew up in streets and eventually left his home without letting anyone know. He learned not just how to survive in the streets but also how to thrive. He stole his food. He realized that there were a lot of families like his. He contemplated about why that is and found the answer in civil unrest and lack of morals. Prospit was ruled by a highly authoritarian and power-hungry government. He decided to change that.

Growing up

Izhaar taught himself how to read. He learned about politics, philosophy, logic, redstone contraptions, history and some fighting techniques along with magic. He practiced everything he learned from the books. He talked to people about politics and analysed their views, tried to identify their underlying philosophies. He built and improved redstone contraptions using logic and engineering. He travelled Prospit to see historical places he read about and practiced the fighting styles and spells in the manuscripts against random street bullies. One day, when Dalleton and other freedom fighters declared a war of independance on Acquendavia, he knew it was his time to shine. He used the chaos to assassinate multiple important Acquendavian officers and politicians he labeled long before. After the war was won, he finally knew peace. But it did not take long. Stahlfaust and Arctan's puppets started colonizing Prospit, attacking historical sites, manipulating people with their philosophy, much similar to that of Grandpa_boob. He started labeling them and sharpening his blades.