Izzy Blu

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Izzy Blu (IzzyBlueJay)
Photo of IzzyBlueJay
Other namesThe Bartender, 'That small person with the cane.'
OccupationBartender, Town Mayor
Known forFounding Cyanus, an eastward trade town on the road between three major cities.

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IzzyBlueJay, or just Izzy Blu, is the founder & mayor of a developing trade town called Cyanus. They're a gnome with an insatiable curiosity, matched only by their equally strong cowardice. This sort of personality does lead to some not enjoying being around them, but everyone does eventually get along after a few drinks.


Early Life

Izzy grew up in the town of Dalleton, living a fairly peaceful childhood, save for gaining a limp in their right leg at an early age, hence why they need the cane. They always did wild things in youth, having a habit of always getting into trouble. The whole reason they learnt brewing in the first place was from paying back the debt from breaking an expensive vase at the apothecary.

Notable Event: The Founding of Cyanus

In early adulthood, Izzy decided one day to take a hike by the riverside, & stumbled across a flower field by the lake. They took a liking to the environment & got to work making a house. After finishing a small hut, a knock was heard from the door, & on the other side was an odd creature. It explained itself as a fey who wanted to spend some time in the garden. Not being overly protective of the garden (plus worried about what a slighted fey might do to them) Izzy obliged. The fey spend the day lazing about in the garden & swimming in the lake before leaving when the sun fell. The next day however, a whole swarm of fey, in varying sizes, shapes & colours had flooded the garden. Izzy didn't know what to do, as they didn't mind the people but did mind the risk of all the flowers getting squashed.

After spending some time to think about it, they settled on at least giving these guests a place to sleep, & made some tents. In the following months, Izzy got to know them, & everyone began putting up their own houses. This was what started the creation of Cyanus, the town of many flowers. Later on, other creatures would join, but all of them are distinctively small & are prone to be tricksters.

Notable Event: Learning Magic

Though Izzy had signed up to join the Academy to teach for brewing, the task was too mundane to be fully accounted for, & they ended up as an assistant instead. They would only promote to teacher if they could figure out how to perform magic. Izzy was originally pessimistic about their chances at just learning how to use magic, deciding to just vendor drinks & food to the construction team while the Academy was being built. On the day before its grand opening, Izzy took a break to sightsee in Fort Roberts for a few days instead of seeing the opening, because at the time, it was none of their business. This was horrid timing as the Haven bombings case decided to next hit the Academy on its opening day, killing a good friend of theirs & much of the construction team they helped supply for.

Since the event, they had retreated back to their house for the better part month, focusing on their art & construction until remembering that condition about becoming a teacher if they learned magic. Since Izzy had nothing else to do, they began goofily waving about their cane in the room, trying to mimic whatever they remembered actual professionals did. Soon enough, people in town asked why they were doing that, & after finding out tried to help them with their form. Guess Izzy had forgotten that half of their neighbours were of fey ancestry. In time, they finally spilled a small spell out of their cane, though not what they'd expected. Being around nature & of a more aquatic faith, Izzy either expected water or nature magic. But the spell that fell hissed at the ground & gave a navy smoke. It was poison.

Since then, they had began practicing magic further away from town to apply for teaching again, & in the process had gained an odd cheek pattern that looked like much of the toxic magics they've been performing.

Political Beliefs

In summary; they have absolutely no clue. Their mayorship wasn't gained by democracy, bribery, or tyranny, but rather by assistance & winding up as the biggest support for the town. They don't even call themselves the mayor. Izzy just runs a bar in town & does whatever is needed to not accidentally let Cyanus go to ruin. (Though Izzy's hometown of Dalleton is a Constitutional Monarchy, they have no will to establish an assembly of any kind or to marry.)


Izzy has a belief in the faithlow of Dallet, but not as heavily as others. They still believe the major aspects like helping those in need & to keep birds away from the town or themselves, but are much more loose on the relations to magic. Magic can be sold, performed or used as defense in Cyanus, as long as it isn't used against others. Izzy themself works in brewery & the toxic magics they've learnt to use with their cane.