Joe Ker

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Joe Ker was a notorious criminal mastermind and jester who operated in the realm of Alathra during the Great Decline. Known for his twisted sense of humor and penchant for causing chaos, Ker was feared and hated by many, but also admired for his clever schemes and cunning intelligence.

Born into a poor family in a small village, Ker turned to a life of crime at a young age. He quickly gained a reputation as a skilled thief and con artist, using his quick wit and charm to deceive and outmaneuver his victims. As he grew older, his antics became more elaborate and dangerous, leading to numerous brushes with the law.

Despite his nefarious activities, Ker was known for his flamboyant personality and love of practical jokes. He often dressed in garish clothing, including a jester's hat and motley, and delighted in causing confusion and mayhem wherever he went. His antics earned him the nickname "Joe Ker," a play on the word "joker," his birth-name being lost to time.

Ker's criminal career reached its pinnacle following the declaration of war on the Tolsheviks, when he engineered a series of high-profile heists and escapes that left Stahlfaustians baffled. His crimes became the stuff of legend, and he was pursued by law enforcement agencies across Gaushan.

Despite his reputation, Ker remained elusive and was never caught by the authorities. His ultimate fate is unknown, but his legacy lived on in the tales and legends told by peasants and nobles alike. Some say he retired to a life of luxury, while others believe he met his end at the hands of his enemies. Regardless, the name of Joe Ker is still remembered as one of the most infamous criminals in Alathran history.