John McNug

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John McNug
John McNug, also known as "nugget31"
BornSouthwesten Koganon
Other namesnugget, nug
OccupationLeader of Wesdurn-Kazem
Known forNugget Mining Co. and Wesdurn-Kazem

John McNug (also known as nugget31) is a dwarven citizen from Lydoneia, known for founding Wesdurn-Kazem, Wesdurn-Ovrgrowth, the Haven Argentarri, as well as various other business ventures.


Life Before Lydoneia


117 and Icesteel

John was introduced to most of the world through his association with 117, where he was taught about trade and farming. Though his time spent in the town was short, he made allies through his ties with the citizens and mayor, eventually convinced by his mayor to create his own town, Nugtown, in the Northeastern part of the world. He was given much support by the 117 town members after the creation of the Nugtown, given resources for his settlement as well as political support in dealing with the FCA, who's land he unknowingly founded Nugtown on.


Nugtown was founded shortly after John's integration into the town 117, in the Northeast after being urged to branch off for expansion of the town. He spent many days shaping the peninsula the town was set on, then slowly built the town up following that. After building were put into place, it caught the attention of the leader of the FCA, who took it upon himself to visit Nugtown, giving a warning that the mainland belonged to the FCA, and he advised John to move to a nearby island instead, stating that if he were to join a nation while on FCA claims, there would be trouble. John had already built up his town, so he decided against moving, instead attempting to turn the peninsula the town was on into an island, to (continuing later i dont feel like it rn)



Political Beliefs

Business Ventures

Notable Contributions