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The final picture of the Kangy shrine


Jotunstan was a town in western Koganon located by Jotunpiss stream.


Jotunstan was founded on July 15th 2021 by Kangy, unbenounced too Kangy he had settled within the land of the Second Icesteel Empire once the Leader of Icesteel Alphaspade had noticed this he offered Kangy to join the Icesteel Empire or be destroyed. In fear of his town being destroyed Kangy complied and joined Icesteel, once Jotunstan had joined Icesteel it began to grow quickly. In mid July Icesteel declared war on Starbay, but the towns of Icesteel feared they would not be able to win so Kangy decided to assassinate Alphaspade in order to end Icesteel and call off the war, the assassination was a success and Icesteel disbanded, leaving Jotunstan a lone town, Goosespit was also elected as Second in Command. Once Icesteel had disbanded Jotunstan wanted to prevent the colonization of Koganon, so Kangy decided to make a show of power by joining in on the Acquendavian Vs. Usa war. Jotunstan took Acquendavias side and ended up winning but because Jotunstan was not prepared they saw great loss, due to this Kangy felt as though he had led his town into a war they were not prepared for and ended up leaving Jotunstan to atone for his mistakes, shortly after Jotunstan disbanded.


Contrary to popular belief Jotunstan did not worship Giants instead they respected them and believed they pulled the continents into place and cause earthquakes.

Important Members

Kangy the Founder

GooseSpit Second in Command

Syzmo the War General