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Kais Jerriko is a trading city state located in the middle of northern Koganon it was originally one of the few sister cities of the early Arcadian Altanateuntil it fell into inactivity. After a declaration for the rebuilding of the town by Altan Game_Glider_SKG, the town disbanded and was reborn on May 14th 2022: the mantle of leadership given to MrPickleLess to renovate it. MrPickleLess was aided by his right-hand: ArchDuchess1337 in the complete rebuilding of the city into what it is today, as well as bringing in merchants from all across Alathra to inhabit the town's shops.
Kais Jerriko
"Qava Ǧerriqo"
Market City
Flag of Kais Jerriko
Official logo of Kais Jerriko
Coat of Arms
Nickname(s): "Jerriko"
Motto(s): Ibieddac Taraš Baxo "Rise Again Stronger"
Anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBGIQ7ZuuiU
Coordinates: X 1100 / Z 2850
CountryArcadian Altanate
FoundedMay 14, 2022; 21 months ago (2022-05-14)
Founded byMrPickleLess
 • TypeMayor-Council
 • FounderMrPickleLess
 • Bunngrmaihstre (Lord of Citizens/Mayor)ArchDuchess1337
Population (9/7/2022)10
 • Arcadian, Kogongi, Terminan, Other~45%, ~10%, ~15%, ~30%
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The Lore of Kais Jerriko

Before the Dawn: "Lora Era" - ~Age of Twilight~

Kais Jerriko has been known to be a place of unsurmountable challenge, the nearby woods are haunted, the lands are infested with beasts, and monsters of legends more dangerous than have ever been seen, and there's a supposed curse that lies over the village. Although not too much has been recorded in it's beginning, it's first traces of a civilization was with the town "The forest" founded by thewheetig. After "The forest" fell to still unknown circumstances, Clanofwadac30 was made mayor of the territory and he named it "Kais Jerriko" after where he came from: "Jericho", Prospit. Construction continued however once more, it fell to ruin with the death of the mayor.

StampymaxUSA and a Fossores Republic rebellion group attempted to claim it as part of their new nation but were denied by the Arcadian Altanate, and Kais Jerriko rejoined Arcadia. Then it sat in ruin, again. In the mist of no activity a player by the name of IWolfe resettled it but no progress was made, especially after the mysterious disappearance of the mayor. With the town already in this weak position after a while a mysterious calamity occurred, monsters swarmed the city and giants crushed the buildings as a great purple magical storm ravaged the nearby region. Once again, it fell to ruin.

On May 14th 2022, a few days later, Altan Glider Fraemani (Game Glider SKG) of the Arcadian Altanate arrived to the ruins of the town declared an order for the rebuilding of Kais Jerriko within the confides of this now broken town, after he was done he handed the mantle of leadership to the Architect MrPickleLess, a very well respected builder and advisor of Kais Termina. Lillian Vultkova (ArchDuchess1337), was a new resident to Arcadia and lived nearby Jerriko in the Ŋamat Sandeŋa or the "Woods of Madness", a magical forest just east of Jerriko across the Tat river. Lillian would soon help, putting her other projects aside to assist as the head builder of Jerriko. With MrPickleLess and ArchDuchess1337. So began the new age of Jerriko, known as: "The Age of the Sunrise".

The Begining of Greatness: "Ibiddejo Era" - ~Age of the Sunrise~

After the town was demolished and the the eastern wall was being constructed two members of Jerriko surfaced: Factmaker and Lawrence Wood (CREXTURE). Lawrence is an optimistic merchant who rolled into the ruins of Jerriko with a trading cart immediately after the calamity from an unknown, possibly magical origin. He immediately aided the survivors and gave out food, clothing, and medical herbs to the people of Jerriko. After the people where healing and getting back on their feet, Lawrence was the first member of Jerriko to construct a house on the fresh soil, incorporating the old architecture of Jerriko: consistent of spruce wood and dark stone roofs. With the first house being constructed the citizens were inspired to raise back up once again. Then a new figure arrived: Factmaker, lord of the castle "Morningstar", Arith (now abandoned). He renovated the desolate fortress; However, found himself bored and in need of community, and so when he saw the news about the rebuilding of Jerriko and traveled south. Once he arrived he contributed massively to construction.

These four members started to form plans for the future of Kais Jerriko. There were debates and conflict over the architecture and structure of the city; However after a long time of building and communicating with another they finally formed the construction style that would define the city as another unique town to Alathra. As they built the first walls and houses, they began constructing empty shops, setting up the defining feature that would jump start the growth of Jerriko.

Golden Age and Success: "Jovraši Era" - ~Age of Success~

After the first shops were constructed, the Jerrikans created a roadmap of how they planed to organize their construction.

The Valiant "Visaŋuš Era" - ~Age of the 9 Swords~

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